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  2. First Time UTV Buyer

    I personally would get a Honda Pioneer 500. slightly smaller in size, liquid cooled, 2 up, and room for the dog cage. The Mule is a very good choice as well. I just prefer Liquid cooled and 50". As well as being able to customize the rear to your tastes and/or switch it up when you want something else out back.
  3. UTVBOARD Updates Completed

    We have completed our updates, next series of updates which shouldn't be as much cosmetic, should be in mid to late spring.
  4. I would concur with all that's been mentioned above, but to also add, honing is also used to get rid of metal transfer residue. This happens with aluminum pistons. Usually it's a big problem for chainsaws, and such. Never heard of it being a problem on bigger engines. So honing in your case is probably optional. It's definitely recommended, but I wouldn't think there'd be much difference. If the motor is still out of the chassis, I'd take it apart, because I know myself too well. My OCD wouldn't let me just forget about it. As far as which hone to get, the one with the stones give a nice cross hatch pattern, which is what most people want. I didn't look at any of the others that you linked. But most of the rest will polish the cylinder. Polishing a cylinder is useful for 2 cycle engines, but certainly won't hurt yours. After all, that's what the rings are going to start doing immediately after starting it up. My recommendation would be to get the machine shop up the street to do that as well. Since a cylinder hone is not something you'll ever use much, why buy one? Honing used to be dirt cheap, probably still is. This will also allow you to ask these guys any questions that you might still have. Disassembling, and assembly will go much quicker,and be much easier this time around. It'll also give you a chance to check your previous work. I'd say to just wade on in. Think of it this way; if you don't, and you can't seem to get it running right. You'll start second guessing all the stuff that you missed, or skipped. Since a motor doesn't have any extra parts, or needless rebuild procedures. Even something as simple as skipping the honing, will become suspect. I can almost guarantee that it won't be the problem, but this way it'll be eliminated for certain.
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  6. First Time UTV Buyer

    Hands down Kawasaki mule 610, good for hauling small trailers. New are around 7000. I personally havnt heard any bad comments Check out UTV review website. Welcome to utvboard!
  7. First Time UTV Buyer

    Hello everyone. I’m looking into getting a UTV to mainly use at the hunting lease. Need to be able to haul around gear and decoys and at least one dog kennel. Would also like to use occasionally around the neighborhood (Golf carts and UTVs are allowed in my area). I know I want a 4x4 and don’t necessarily need something that’s gonna go 40-50 mph. I’m an engineer and enjoy maintaining all me vehicles/ toys so I can give something a once over and notice any glaring defect but I have a few UTV questions Is there anything I should watch out for? Any specific questions I need to ask the seller? How many hour/ miles is too many? I want something used but not used up. Anyone feel their UTV has been underpowered- should I get at least a YYY cc engine? Theres a 2014 Kawasaki Mule 4x4 XC with a nice 5x10 trailer for sale that I’ve been eyeing, anyone have good/bad comments about this particular vehicle? Thanks!!
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  9. silverbullet I have parts for you when you are ready to fix renli. rich
  10. silverbullet Please send pictures i will buy if the parts are good.Need shipping address.if you wan't send pictures.Or i am not interested without the pictures. Rich
  11. What kind of hone do you recommend? I've seen some that are expandable and use stones. and some that look like cotton balls on the end or you have some like this
  12. Ordered a ring compressor, and they came with Ring pliers. Selling them since I already had some. asking they do fit the rings on my Mule 550, so might on most UTV's. 8.00 +shipping or best offer.
  13. Hey there, you wouldn't happen to have a good tranny for an 08 T2 1100 would ya? Sent from my SM-N920T using Tapatalk
  14. Will this tranny work for an 08 Joyner T2 1100cc? Sent from my SM-N920T using Tapatalk
  15. Hisun 250 2” lift and Banshee Spacers

    Yes sir he was just getting to know the limits. And he fell into a big drop off on one of those kids tracks. It rolled over pretty slow Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  16. Hisun 250 2” lift and Banshee Spacers

    Is your son Okay? Glad everything held up good.
  17. Side Doors for the SV1100

    Sorry for the delay for the pictures. I will post them soon I have to get the buggie out of the trailer
  18. This thing was great in the flats for the kids at Buttercup this weekend. My son rolled it, and everything held up really nice with the exception of a UV joint on the steering bar. Easy fix with a Yamaha Joint. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  19. Orebonder

    Good evening all... Question?...... Has anyone tried shortening the turning radius on a Hisun? I have the Hisun Vector 250... Which is a blast and perfect for what I need and want. The only thing I would change, now, to make the turning radius shorter...mine is about 17 ft. I would think a UTV, side x side would be much tighter. any thoughts? John
  20. Orebonder

    Good evening all... Question?...... Has anyone tried shortening the turning radius on a Hisin? I gave the Hisun Vector 250... Which is a blast and perfect for what I need and want. The only thing I would change, now, to make the turning radius shorter...mine is about 17 ft. I would think a UTV, side x side would be much tighter. any thoughts? John
  21. Hisun Utv 500 help

    Power to the ignition switch has been verified, carbureted and fuel pump is working
  22. Hisun dealer support

    I normally would not post a negative comment. I am 74 years old and have been in a wheelchair for the last 51 years. I would agree, if you are mechanicialy inclined and physical able, the HiSun and other Chinese units are working considering. I just want a unit that get me from point A to B in very moderate terrain. Yes, perhaps, I received a “Lemon”, but I don’t think so. At my age & physical situation I am not going out and trying to distory it. When I took delivery, I experienced the following: 1. The brakes barely worked. I bled the brake system several times, with little improvement. Then went looking for replacement pads, which was a bit of a challenge. New pads helped some, however it is apparent to me I must have a small leak in the brake system, which requires frequent bleeding. 2. The first time I got up to 30 mph, the clutch system failed, trashing the primary & secondary Clutches, belt and cover. $1,500.00 later new clutch system replaced. 3. After unit gets warmed up it refuses to shift. I must turn engine off, wait a few seconds then it will shift. Have reduced RPM and adjusted shift linkage countless times “Zero improvement” 4. Now after 147 miles the water pump has failed. Yes, it can be replaced, but what will fail next. Way too many issues for 147 miles of moderate use. Yes, I have contacted Hisun Corporate offices, and I always was Polite Corporate suggested I trade it in for a newer unit, with improvements. My opinion this is Not the way to build a Company or positive image. Had I not found the outfit in Missouri named “Motorcycle Doctor”, I would be totally up the creek. In my case, I have HAD to find help!! Several of the local cycle/UTV shops have refused to even look much less consider working on my unit.
  23. UTVBOARD Updates Completed

    New to this board, but finding a nice amount of info here. Mark
  24. Hisun dealer support

    I consider my Massimo much as I did my old Ural. You need to be a bit of a wrencher, or don't buy it. They are pretty decent quality overall, and very easy to work on but there are going to be a few quality control issues here and there. My exhaust header developed a crack, that was fixed with packing and a hose clamp. A replacement is on the way. The hood was badly misaligned, not a big deal to fix. Some bolts were loose, so I tightened them. Front wheels were misaligned, took me 10 minutes to fix. I was fully aware of this and was happy to trade a few issues for the great price I paid for mine. It is a beast in the woods, and in the snow. I am quite satisfied with it up to now. Mark
  25. Hisun Utv 500 help

    Do you have power going to ignition? Could be ignition switch. Had that issue on my Ural. Is yours a carb or fi. Do you hear the pump running when you turn key on?
  26. dump bed problems

    Glad you got it sorted out!
  27. dump bed problems

    Hey guys thanks for all the information. I found my problem with lots of strong help. They was a piece of wood stuck under the bed had it jammed. Took several strong people to pull the bed up. Thanks again every one was lots of help
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