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  2. Travis

    2011 mule 610 fuel in oil?

    Stuck float should be easy. locate the carb, take off the bowl, (bowl nut on carb, ) the float should be level, not hanging down. fuel pump: Pretty much, just replace it. They don't make any repair parts for them. Found this thread reply on another forum, seems to be a common problem with the 610 a dirty carburetor...or a bad float ...or a bad inlet needle. What is happening is that the gasoline is bypassing the float needle and is overflowing. Then it goes through this passageways and into the oil pan. IF there is dirt that has gotten onto the needle or seat, this will hold the needle open. If there is a small hole in the float, then the float will sink allowing too much gas to enter the carburetor. causing this problem. If the needle or seat has worn or has a chip in it, then the gas will bypass them and flow into the oil. This is a very common problem. ALSO, if you have a vacuum operated fuel pump, the diaphram inside the pump may have gotten a hole in it. This will allow gasoline to pass through the diaphram and into the oil supply.
  3. kenfain

    2011 mule 610 fuel in oil?

    Don't know if this will help, but it looked interesting, and possibly relevant. If you end up finding that the fuel pump is the problem. I'm not sure what obstacle the poster ran into that made him go this way, instead of an actual repair. But sometimes there's little choice. But until we know what the problem is, this is a cheap alternative, and a quick fix. If it's a stuck float, a fuel cut off is always a good idea anyway. And it'll stop that particular issue. Although it won't actually fix the real problem, it'll stop the unwanted gas.
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  5. Muledaze

    2011 mule 610 fuel in oil?

    Travis, any advice on how to check for these conditions? I'm not much of a mechanic but a fast learner.
  6. strike250

    Massimo Buck 400

    Contact me, I have the service manual I can give you 562-682-7859 Matt
  7. strike250


    Is the seatbelt plugged in? It has a limiter if not connected
  8. mixfixdave

    Joyner Trooper Power Steering

    More pics of the power steering setup...works great!
  9. Last week
  10. Travis

    2001 Kawasaki Mule

    if you're getting fuel through to the filter, that means your pump is sucking, take off, or disconnect the fuel lines and i would spray carb spray or brake cleaner or compressed air, through the fuel pump to break up any possible blockages.
  11. Bruce Wayne

    2001 Kawasaki Mule

    OK so far,charged battery. Also changed plugs,am getting fuel through filter, not receiving fuel to carb. By passed fuel relay switch and nothing. Still cranking good. Any body have clues? Fuel pump?
  12. Are you talking the 1100 trans or the engine swap to honda?
  13. C2010

    best place to buy 2008 t2 joyner rear end?

    I bought one from china, it was $400.00 plus about 400.00 in shipping. It was a 2014 model and has a better bearing setup on the lockup (cover) side but the locking setup is not as good as the as the old one. the gears are weak just like the old ones are if you load your buggy heavy you will break teeth off of the pinion and or ring gear. If you can get a newer year it should be better quality ( I hope ) Good luck.
  14. Muledaze

    2011 mule 610 fuel in oil?

    thanks for the help, haven't checked it out yet
  15. Getting it back together. Engine final mockup and assembly done. Needed to bump the engine to the passenger side about 1/2" to line the CVT up inline with the original location on the old engine. The 670 has a longer crank snout where the pulley seats. Just waiting on some parts for the carb (this setup uses a 1.5mm needle and seat for use with a pulse pump), and the moto carb to stock throttle arm cable,- should be here tomorrow - and we are ready to fire. Starter cranks, all wired up. I only ended up with a kill wire for now, (blue wire from UTV, black/red wire on the motor) , and the starter (white wire ), along with the fused hot wires. Will hook up the oil sending unit from the old engine so I have the oil light.
  16. Travis

    2011 mule 610 fuel in oil?

    Find anything yet?
  17. Dan B

    No BS info request

    It doesn't really matter what anyone says. You'll find hardcore detractors and hardcore supporters of any machine. Joyner has made good progress in their quality control. I bought a used 2014 Renegade (the first year they put the 1100cc engine in that line). I like it. Same engine and transmission as the Trooper. The transmission is a 5-speed w/reverse. 1st gear is a "Granny Gear". John Deere Gator 825i uses the same engine as the 800cc Renegade uses. There are several other "off brand" UTVs using the same engine (Tomcar, Roketa GK-45, some models of the European Ford Escort to name a few). The Chery engine is widely used in South America, Africa and of course Asia. The Trooper and Renegade uses an automotive style drive train (clutch and pressure plate), not the CVT (with belt problems if abused). If the UTV you are considering has a 3-cyl 800cc (812cc) or 4-cyl 1100cc (1083cc) gas engine, it's most likely the Chery engine. I'm not a fan of the CVT transmission. I see a lot of YouTube videos where people have blown their CVT belt (always a good idea to have a spare belt with you at all times). You'll also find videos of well-known brand name UTVs and ATVs with blown belts, broken axles and other broken parts. You have to know the limitations of any machine you are considering buy.
  18. Swampdonkey

    2008 Big Muddy head gasket question

    I did my massimo 500head gasket. Hardest part was getting timing chain back on and in time
  19. zebediah101

    Looking for Joyner 600 or 800 transmission

    Still looking? From what I understand 1100cc tranny will work to. Thanks!
  20. zebediah101

    07 Joyner sand viper engine & transmission swap

    Also interested in transmission price as well.
  21. do you offer rear diff for 2008 trooper t2 with upgrade

  22. Bruce Wayne

    2001 Kawasaki Mule

    OK Travis first thanks for responding. Purchased tester and coils appear to be good. Removed line from pump to carb and looks like no fuel getting to carb. I guess it looks like fuel pump.
  23. Swampdonkey


    02 sensor maybe. Unplug it see if helps
  24. Swampdonkey

    Massimo 800

  25. Recently purchased a Massimo Buck 400. Looking through the manual, its terrible. Gives you very little to no information on required maintenance. I have also looked this machine over and apparently it has no oil filter. The parts diagram shows a screen that I'm assuming needs to be cleaned. Before I spend $75 on a service manual does anyone know if it is worth having. Thanks
  26. mixfixdave

    Joyner Trooper Power Steering

    I wouldn’t deal with SB...he is always a pain in the ass for some reason the few times that I have ordered parts from him and everyone on the forum that deals with SB reports problems receiving parts or just getting ripped off completely. I will post some better pics as soon as I can, but I can tell you that the Nissan Versa column was simple to remove in the junk yard and the only additional parts I needed for installation on the Joyner was a 6” piece of 1/2” angle and 18” of heavy wire to run for power from the winch 12VDC connections. Oh, and I did have to weld up a U joint that was part of the Nissan linkage, but it was easy!
  27. scimaro

    Joyner Trooper Power Steering

    Do you have any more pics.? I tried buying a kit with silver built but couldn’t get a price once I got a price , couldn’t get them to ship .
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