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    • Well, I know a little about these clutches. are you still having issues with them? And if so, what is happening to the wet clutch. and second, are you having any issues with the outer clutches at all? When you replaced the clutch, did you use an OEM clutch or an aftermarket one? Did you replace the one way bearing as well. and when you replaced the clutch, did you replace the outer clutch drum? Matt
    • no one has gotten back to me  
    • Sounds like a good deal! I would find out if there is a undersized rod, and specs for grinding the crankshaft, that *might* be cheaper than having to get a new rod and crankshaft, possibly.
    • As far as I know you would need to take that nut off of the very end.
    • Hi Travis!  I think they ran it out of oil. Even though there is fresh oil in it now.  Has only 338 hours on it.   Mentioned a rod knock and-  that they kept using it. I bought it from a guy that works in construction.  Didn't get too hot at least.  It turned over, but makes clunk noises, when I get the side cover off,  the evidence will likely fall into my lap.    Paid $1500 for it, seemed like a deal for what we need it for.  Just hoping I can salvage what wasn't destroyed.  May swap in a Vanguard twin if I need to.  I have built many mower and ATV engines over the years, but never this setup.