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Please post your feedback, suggestions, general requests, support requests, or any other questions or concerns you have that need to be addressed by the administration here at UTVBOARD.com

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    • Anyone know where i can get headers bought or made for my 800cc F8b?  I’ve seen some older posts where guys were making/selling them. Or does anyone have some you’d like to sell me? thx
    • I just finished rebuilding my 800cc SOHC f8b and boy did I wake this little engine up with port, polish , exhaust, cam and valves! I’ve richened up my stock carb about as far as it will go and still seems to be running on the lean side especially under hard acceleration. I’ve read some posts and going to try my hands at a weber 32/36 two questions: 1- Is this the best upgrade carb for the engine?  2- Will it fit with stock manifold? I ordered the Suzuki Samuri  conversion kit with carb...
    • Old thread, but for new readers, you need to buy a battery isolator, which is just two diodes mounter on a heat sink.
    • Thanks for the tips Aussie1. The choke cable appears to be working fine, although I have not measured cable movement to ensure it is within specs.  The machine is ten years old, but it has only 600 kms on it. I suppose I could check valve clearances, but I haven't largely because of the low mileage, and because it goes from running fine to flaming out. When you start it back up, it runs fine at idle as well at higher RPMs. However, once you let it idle again for a few seconds, it begins to pop a bit and then stalls.  If the valves required adjustment, I imagine the problem would be more consistent. I still suspect either a potential problem with the fuel delivery (I have a new pump on its way), or a faulty ignition coil. I guess I'll see if the problem is resolved once both parts are replaced.