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UTV and ATV Clubs, Communites, etc.

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Here you can post any UTV or ATV club that you belong to. Websites links are acceptable.

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    • The YouTube video says the top of line configuration for this ride is about $62,000.
    • UPDATE: I've been so dang busy lately, i finally got a couple of hours to work on the jacka$$... i mean Mule..ūüėČ Got the rod bolts torqued, pulled off the oil pump/tang installed the cam and timed it it to the crank, put the cover on, and for those who dont know or remember the ordeal with the crankshaft and cover: There is a¬† shim between the crankcase cover and the crankgear, this helps control the end play, or side to side movement of the crank. anyway, the first time i installed the cover the crankshaft would not spin by hand (according to the manual its supposed too)¬† so i measure all the clearances¬† (according to the manual instructions) and came up with the correct size shim. so back to TODAY. ¬†I installed the new¬† shim (VERY easy)¬† slid the cover on, put the new bolts in, torqued them and the moment of truth,¬† the crankshaft spun by hand,which is what i was looking for! ¬†So now all i need to do¬† is install the head and set the valve clearance. and for anyone else rebuilding any engine,¬† i do not recommend using Permatex¬† assembly lube, it is¬† very slick and not tacky, it runs of the parts easily, so i bought some Lucas lube, and it's slick, but tacky enough it held onto the¬† surfaces. https://www.amazon.com/Lucas-Oil-10152-Assembly-Lube/dp/B000WJ3M6I ¬†
    • Speed is a function of engine RPM and transmission gear ratio.¬† Bypassing the governor (if equipped) will allow you to increase engine RPM but will probably not be good for the engine.¬† Changing the pulley ratios will get you more speed but at the cost of acceleration (loss of torque).¬† Any improvements you can do will probably result in limited performance increases short of installing a turbo kit.¬† That¬† will probably be a good option if you have the money.¬† And if you have the money, upgrading to a larger machine would work, too. ¬†
    • I bought a used 2014 Joyner Renegade R2 with the 1100cc engine, cable select 4wd, front and rear lockers.¬† In 2014, they went from the 800cc engine to the 1100cc engine.¬† It has a clutch and 5-speed transmission with reverse.¬† 1st gear is a "granny gear" max¬† speed is 12 mph in 1st gear.¬† As long as you can maintain wheel traction, that 1st gear might get you up some steep grades.¬† Max speed in 5th is about 60 mph (I've never had it over 40). It has about the same wheelbase as a Smart car.¬† So narrow off road trails might be a challenge.¬† Sounds like most of your riding will be in the <25mph range.¬† The maintenance support network isn't as extensive as some other brands, but it is out there. I'm not a fan of the CVT transmission.¬† That's why I went with my choice.¬† Too many videos of belts coming apart (probably due to some hard riding)..¬† The John Deere 825i (and many other SxS) has the same 800cc engine.¬† It is a Chinese made Chery automotive engine used in many cars in South America, Asia and parts of Africa.¬† If the SxS you're considering has a 3-cylinder 800cc or a 4-cylinder 1100cc engine, it's most likely the Chery engine. I have to admit that the CVT transmission is much simpler and easier to manage than my clutch/transmission set up.¬† You don't have to worry about gear selection or stalling the engine because of that.¬† Also, CVT transmission do a better job at keeping the engine within the best power RPM range.¬† One thing about CVT is that engine braking isn't available unless the engine is above idle.¬† That may be an issue coming down steep grades.¬† The engine doesn't grab the belt with the drive pulley until a certain RPM above idle is reached. Is there a perfect SxS?¬† No.¬† But there is one that comes closer to your needs than others.¬† For me, my choice fits my needs.¬† I'm also 70 yrs old.