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    • The only thing left to do is adjust the "Axial Play".  should i put the flywheel and coils on the crankshaft before i do it? Or not?
    • Took the camshaft and crankcase cover to the machine shop. (the cam journal and crankcase bearing for the cam were wore some) and the machinist said not to worry about it. still fits real tight, and has minimal play.  And i too notice no score marks on the cam journal or inside the bearing. so i just saved $300 bucks. :D
    • I considered 2up ATVs but they are rare in my area.  I wanted to be able to carry a passenger.  I'm overall satisfied with my R2.  I live in AZ and it's both OHV and street legal.  I just bought a spark arrestor to satisfy the forest service requirements.  I like the styling and the larger engine.  The 800cc engine is the same one used in the John Deere 825i and many other UTVs.  I think Kawasaki is using it on one of their UTVs.  If the UTV has a 3-cyl 800cc engine, it's most likely the Chery engine.  I also like the clutch/transmission vs the CVT and the ability to carry more gear than an ATV.  It's a Hummer wannabe.  There is no perfect machine.  Mine has some very minor issues but they are in no way a show stopper.  I've seen $20k machines with broken axles, burned belts (CVT transmission, etc).  I've wondered why Joyner used the 800cc in their earlier R2/R4.  I told a local dealer that if they put the 1100cc engine in the Renegade, I'd buy one.  They did, so I did - a used one.  I don't think they are using the 800 cc in the R2/R4 UTV from 2014 and later. It's a heavy and wide (60" class) machine; about 1700 lbs for the R2, about 2010 lbs for the R4.  I had to cut two feet off the rear end of the sidewall on my 5x10 trailer to get it on.  The R4 would need a longer trailer.  The rear axle is about 63" wide, the front is about 56" wide.  I wouldn't call it a rocket ship.  I've never had my engine run over 5000 rpms.  In 5th gear, I get 10 mph per 1000 rpms (5,000 rpms at 50 mph).  I rarely have to drive that fast.  The only thing that concerns me is the low oil pressure at idle when the engine has warmed up.  A guides says you should have 10 psi/1000 rpms.  Mine is at 10 psi at idle (I prefer 20 psi at idle).  I'm going to put in 50 weight oil at my next oil change.  The heat of the desert southwest where I live thins out lighter weight oil.  I hope that will bring up my idle oil pressure.  The tranny is a 5-speed w/reverse.  1st gear is a granny gear.  I don't use 1st gear unless I have to tow something or go up a steep incline.  If you're moving to a gated community, you may find that they have the legal authority to ban ATVs and enforce their own traffic laws (believe it or not).  They are their own traffic enforcement.  There was a man who was cited by the HOA for driving 2 mph over the posted limit.  Couldn't have been cited if it wasn't a gated community.
    • Thank you for sharing that with me Dan. Ate you satisfied overall with your Joyner vehicle? The community I'm going to be moving into was insistant that I must have a UTV vs an ATV but upon closer examination ... provided I can legally register & insure it here in Florida they have no say in what I drive. I just can't help but to be impressed with either the 3 or 4 cylinder Chery engine mated with the 4 or 5 speed transmission. It strikes me either one is a little rocket ship! Regards,   Ralph
    • In 2014, they started putting the 1100cc engine in the Renegades (I have one).  I don't know if they dropped the 800cc from the Renegade line or not.  But it's now almost the same drive train as the Trooper (at least the engine and transmission).