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All Other Off-Road Toys

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This forum is for all the non-UTV toys that you own and want to talk about. ATVs, dune buggies, 4x4s, etc.

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    • The Yardsport YS400 is a mix of parts from the Yamaha parts bin. The manufacture is HiSUN, who also happens to manufacture parts for Yamaha and more OEM's. The bottom end is basicaly the same as the Yamaha 350 Grizzly/Bruin. The top end is more of less off of a Yamaha Kodiak 400, early 2002 style. I would start by using OEM Yamaha parts for the clutch. 2007-2011 Yamaha Grizzly 350 wet clutch. the parts are of higher quality than the Chinese counterparts. This might be part of your problem. They bolt right on and will work and last much better.
    • Here is the wiring diagram for the single wire type. Along with a pic of the sensor in the cylinder head. The color of the single wire might be White with Blue tracer.
    • Update:   it came off fine,  just a few taps with the rubber mallet.  Once that was out of my way, I was able to assess the carnage, pretty bad, was not a rod issue as described after all, looks like the screws that hold the air filter housing on rattled into the engine and banged up both chambers, and pistons.  Both intake valves had closed on 2 of the screws, other chunks of piston.   Not all bad as the case is fine, save for some light scoring that should clean up in one cylinder.   The crank, and both rods seem fine, I need to check the intake valves again,  both seem like they may be usable, not sure yet.   The heads took the brunt of the damage and will cost the most.  Pricey parts.  Will see if I can get them tig welded and repair the chamber surface as they are pretty bad.  
        Some more pics
    • My Renegade has the same 1100cc engine.  So, I'm basing my response on comparing your images with my engine.  The two larger holes are for connecting the cooling system.  The one near the flywheel has about a 5" radiator hose going to a T-connector.  One leg of the T-connector goes to the front of the engine and the other leg  goes to the radiator.  The two smaller holes in the third picture is for bolting an engine lift eye bracket (for lack of a better term).
    • The Prick from Silver Bullet Stoll my Cylinder Head so Ordered One from China Now i seem to missing the thermostat housing and there two hole i need help identifying  Anybody have parts?? or Pictures of what i need Thanks