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All Other Off-Road Toys

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This forum is for all the non-UTV toys that you own and want to talk about. ATVs, dune buggies, 4x4s, etc.

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    • This is likely ours he's talking about here....we have a 2008 Joyner Trooper T2. We took it to Rich in Nov 2017, with the understanding he would start on it right after the first of the year. Finally after many communications and giving up, we retrieved it unfinished the first of Sept - and the buggy was cannibalized. The engine had been rebuilt, but he did not do the rebuild himself, because he didn't have a mechanic. The engine was rebuilt, he told us by NAPA, however it does supposedly have his custom cam in it. BUT, it's not holding good oil pressure. Still working out what we're gonna do about that. There's supposed to be a warranty on it, but we're not hauling it back down there so the warranty can be honored. He's 5 hrs away from us, and who knows what might be taken off it if we take it back down there. AND, he has no mechanic. As we said, we retrieved it unfinished. The engine had not been installed, the clutch and pressure plate had not been installed, and Rich told us himself he's too old to do the work. There's a Joyner T4 sitting there now that was there when we dropped ours off in Nov 2017. And now there's an Oreion sitting there he says he's working on. Again, he has no mechanic.  We retrieved our Joyner the first of September, and Lloyd and our son spent 2 days finding parts, installing the engine, and putting it back together to the point they could load it on the trailer and bring it home. Rich still owes us parts that were not there (gaskets, ignition, etc) and parts that were taken off that should not have been. He claims he has no knowledge of what was taken or why. We don't question his knowledge - but he is ultimately responsible for parts that were removed that he cannot account for. The ignition was gone; the steering column was dismantled and parts missing. And that only scratches the surface....in a nutshell, if you are considering getting Silverbullet to do some work for you, I suggest you do a shop visit first and make your own decision from there.
    • Good heavens.....Matt the wrench did not exaggerate...AT ALL.....speaking from experience. 
    • Hello, I would send in your ECU to me, let me flash it and also if your rear sprocket is a stock 42 tooth, I would go to 38-36 rear sprocket. The lower the rear tooth count will provide you with the higher top speed, the lower rear tooth count will give you quicker off the line.
    • Hey all, I am new to this. Would it be ideal to just buy this and put in a 36 or 40 tooth? Or send it to you Matt and have it reflashed? Dont need it to go 50mph but I would prefer to have the best launch and maybe 40 top end mph.    Thoughts??
    • I'm a little gun shy using Joynerusa - the one and only time we ordered parts from there, someone also got a new Apple Ipad at our expense. My credit card was jacked. We used to also use Silverbullet, but right now getting parts from him is like pulling teeth.