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All Other Off-Road Toys

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This forum is for all the non-UTV toys that you own and want to talk about. ATVs, dune buggies, 4x4s, etc.

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    • Glad you had a good experience...I have ordered parts from Joyner years ago and had great experience, the tech there was happy to answer my questions about some troubleshooting I was doing.
    • Disclaimer:  My spell checker thinks it knows more of what words I want to use than I do.  Typos are not my fault. This is a general comment on the support I received from Joyner-USA in Phoenix, AZ.  I needed one headlight assembly for my Renegade because the mounting pin was broken.  Duct tape and bailing wire held it in place for a few years.  To my surprise, they had them IN STOCK.  I bought two and kept one of  my good old ones as a backup.   They completed their move to a new address at 2415 S 18th Pl, Phoenix AZ from their former Riverside location.  As a gift, Jake gave me two T-shirts.  He said he as most of the parts for my  2014 Joyner Renegade.  I looked at his yard and he has several engines and UTVs in stock, mostly the 1100cc engines and several Renegades.  Maybe a Trooper or two was buried in there somewhere.  Everything was crated and outdoors.  I hope he moves his inventory indoors, out of the weather.  Their website says their hours are 9:00AM - 5:00PM but their actual hours are 10:00AM - 5:00PM.  I arrived at about 9:20AM and no one was there; place locked up.  I was a little upset that with a 9:00AM opening, someone should have been there.  I was concerned that I made a 70 mile round trip for nothing.  Fortunately, one of his employees showed up and told me of their later hours.  So, everything turned out fine.  I got the parts I needed and two T-shirts.  This is based upon a one time, 1st time experience.  I hope future vists are just as good.
    • More than likely not, iI'm surprised it doesn't have a  locking/unlocking differential. as they are fairly standard on most  side by sides. You might try to find a Carlisle Turf Saver tire that fits it, but  i am  not sure they would work in this case.  
    • 2scoops, I need two of the inner cv housings if you come across some axles that are in really good shape or even new maybe we can work out some kind of deal? If I can't find some inners in a couple of months I will be forced to buy 2 new axles and take them apart for the inners, unless I can find an inner that isn't joyner that will fit. The inners on T2's are 32 spline and so far I haven't been able to find anything that fits.
    • Must have, some how, your profile shows you joined  28th of december .

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