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This is for all of you John Deere UTV, SxS (Side by Side) owners.  Discussions about John Deere UTV specific topics including Gator models.

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    • WOW Thanks for the Info!! I'll make some calls tomorrow 
    • So many choices!  I did some searches, apparently not many people swap engines in these farm/utility rigs.  Golf/club carts ,and go karts,  but not these.   

      Another question CVT related, has anyone figured out, or rough idea how much torque the CVTech CVT drive belt can handle?  I tried finding info, but im not sure what model this unit is.  It looks pretty stout and very little wear in fact.   Just wondering how much power I can put to it.
    • I can only recommend you contact the Joyner dealer in Phoenix, AZ.  I haven't had any luck with them responding to my emails, but you may fair better.  This is the number I've found (480) 882-9612.  Don't know if it is still valid.  You might search online for other dealers around the country.  One blog site said that the Chery 1100cc engine is very similar to the Ford U.S. CVH motor.  But without a thermostat housing, there's no way to know if they are the same as the CHV motor's housing. If you are near a John Deere dealership, they might be able to get you the housing.  Here's why.  The John Deere 825i Gator uses the same Chery 800cc engine that the early Renegades had.  The 800cc engine is the same as the 1100cc engine with many of the same parts.  the major difference is the extra cylinder. (3-cyl vs 4-cyl).  There are some other brands of UTVs that use the same 800cc or 1100cc motor.  Textron's Prowler Pro uses the 800cc Chery engine.   The Reeper also uses the same engtine as does some other less well-known brnads.  If the SxS is gas powered and is a 3-cyl 800cc or 4-cyl 1100cc engine, it's most likely the Chery engine.  It's relatively common in South America, Africa and of course, Asia. Here are the part numbers for everything associated with the thermostat and housing that I've stumbled across a couple of years ago.: EPR# / PART # / NAME Quantity is one each for all parts except the flange bolt and the T-connection (2 req'd). 02.DLJ.GB50-18 / GB50-18 / 'O' RUBBER RING
      02.DLJ.372-1306016 / 372-1306016  / SEAT-THERMOSTAT OUTER
      02.DLJ.372-1306020 / 372-1306020 / THERMOSTAT ASSY
      02.DLJ.372-1306001 / 372-1306001 / SEAT-THERMOSTAT
      02.DLJ.Q1840850 / Q1840850 / HEXAGON FLANGE BOLT
      02.DLJ.372-1306012 / 372-1306012 / SEAT-THERMOSTAT INNER
      02.DLJ.372-1306018 / 372-1306018 / SEAT–THERMOSTAT 02.S650.04.02.02 / S650. / “T”connection   Good luck in getting your ride back on the road.
    • http://www.smallenginewarehouse.com/ This would be a good place too look.
    • Thanks For the great Pictures. Any Idea were to get the parts T Connector. T Stat Housing Etc. I have the hoses