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Textron Off Road UTV SxS Forum

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This is is for all of you Textron Off Road UTV, SxS (Side by Side) owners. Discussion about Textron Off Road UTVs, including the Stampede, Prowler, Havoc, Wildcat, Wildcat X, Wildcat XX and other sub-models.

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    • Twenty four bucks for six inches of fuel line! It doesn't sound like it's even high pressure line. But it's still likely cheaper than driving to Houston to find it cheaper. You've got to wait on the key anyway, so if that's all that stands in the way, then I'd say you got off light. Typically on a rebuild, I'll make several trips to the local parts house for those odd bits.
    • ack! I installed the transmission drive pulley, but i cant find the key for the Crankshaft pulley. I've looked in the bed where i had some parts, nope not there, then i looked in the box and ziploc bags where i put all the bolts and labeled them, not their either! guess ill order a new one,  i installed the fuel tank and pump, i have new fuel line, but it only fits from the pump to the carb,  from the tank to the fuel filter is a different size and local parts store didnt have any the right size. and the old fuel line is dry rotted. and the fuel line i need is about 6:" long and costs 24 bucks. 🤬😡
    • 2018 Polaris Polaris RZR Dynamics Turbo On Ebay https://www.ebay.com/itm/2018-Polaris-Red-RZR-Razor-XP1000-Dynamics-Turbo-UTV-Showroom-New-66-UpGrades/382608993834?
    • Got it back in the Mule, electric hooked up, stupid cosmetic covers out on, air filter hooked up, just need to put the gas tank in, and put the pulleys on. I finally called it a day after bending over for the 10 billionth time.