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    • I have a Joyner cammando 650cc but I need a spiral bevel gear rear and pinion. I'm unable to locate any. Mine is stripped and only front wheel pull  do you know where I can get one?
    • Glad to see theres some more out there when i was looking for mine it seemed like it was a hard to come by item, joyner told me the one i bought was the only one they had left.
    • The YouTube video says the top of line configuration for this ride is about $62,000.
    • UPDATE: I've been so dang busy lately, i finally got a couple of hours to work on the jacka$$... i mean Mule..😉 Got the rod bolts torqued, pulled off the oil pump/tang installed the cam and timed it it to the crank, put the cover on, and for those who dont know or remember the ordeal with the crankshaft and cover: There is a  shim between the crankcase cover and the crankgear, this helps control the end play, or side to side movement of the crank. anyway, the first time i installed the cover the crankshaft would not spin by hand (according to the manual its supposed too)  so i measure all the clearances  (according to the manual instructions) and came up with the correct size shim. so back to TODAY.  I installed the new  shim (VERY easy)  slid the cover on, put the new bolts in, torqued them and the moment of truth,  the crankshaft spun by hand,which is what i was looking for!  So now all i need to do  is install the head and set the valve clearance. and for anyone else rebuilding any engine,  i do not recommend using Permatex  assembly lube, it is  very slick and not tacky, it runs of the parts easily, so i bought some Lucas lube, and it's slick, but tacky enough it held onto the  surfaces. https://www.amazon.com/Lucas-Oil-10152-Assembly-Lube/dp/B000WJ3M6I