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This is for all of you Renli Buggy, UTV, SxS (Side by Side) owners. Discussions about Renli UTV specific topics including RL1100 and RL1500 models.

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    • I just found your post giving the site for the manuals and the exploded parts diagram.The #554 snap pin that's shown in the diagram is connected to the differential shift cable. That's a regular hairpin type retainer that they use throughout the machine. The is no such number as a #50410 that I could find. There is, however, number 54010 for the hood cable which doesn't show what happens at the end of the cable where the pin should be. You may have just reversed the numbers. The manual just tells you how to open the hood. All good suggestions but have been there. If there was a Kawasaki dealer nearby I'd ask them but the closest is far from me but I make a trip anyway if I can't figure this out. Like I said before, please keep giving me ideas. If I've already tried them, I will try them again as I may have missed something.. When I finally finish this repair I'll write up a report as I'm sure there are others who have had or will have the same problem.  Gerry C
    • I have the complete manuals from Kawasaki for the Mule and have read all applicable topics and they really say nothing about how to remove the cable nor the pin. They just tell you how to adjust the cable length and that you need to remove basically the whole front end just to get to it. There's a welded box section up near the dash that the cable has to go through and there's a nut on the backside which holds the cable knob end in place. Good luck getting to that nut, I did and it's loose now but pulling the cable through depends on getting the pin out. It should look like a straight forward task but it is not as easy as it looks.  Trust me, I read everything I can get my hands on and I've been around heavy machinery all my life  so being a mechanic is second nature. I've just never gotten involved with motorcycles ot ATV/UTV's so I'm still learning.. Even the parts schematic drawings don't help nor does it even show the pin. It must come with the replacement cable.. I'm going back after it this morning but I will be greatful for any suggestions short of setting the thing on fire.  Gerry C.
    • https://www.kawasakipartshouse.com/oemparts/a/kaw/500b6c7df8700223e4797ed4/cables The snap pin is 554, 50410 on the diagram. you might look at manualslib.com for a online manual for your machine, that might have a solution in it.  
    • Topic moved to Kawasaki UTV forum and added UTV info into topic title.😁
    • Travis, I'll give that a try in the morning and I'll take a picture too. I tried tapping on the pin with a punch and hammer and it didn't want to budge. I'll check to see if they've peened it over to keep it from coming out. Interesting that the parts diagrams don't list the pin separately, perhaps it comes with the replacement  cable.  I take it you've been inside one of these before. Kawasaki sure has a way of making it hard on anyone working on one of these.  The rear ignition-coil is another choice item to replace. You need to be a dwarf with a deformed arm. Thanks for your help, Gerry C