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    • Thanks for suggestions Travis- struck out on both. Cant believe that it is a unique part,  just probably not cross referenced to Kymco... The search continues!! 
    • Welcome to the UTV Board! I would recommend looking at Rocky Mountain ATV/MC online, they have quite a few aftermarket selections, that might be longer than the  O.E. seat belts.  Also try looking through here. http://utvpartsandaccessories.com/kymco/uxv-700/ P.S.  I like that profile picture 😃  
    • Top end should be in spec.  I'll run some cleaner through it.  Maybe an injector is clogged...  If that doesn't work, I might recheck the top end.    
    • Just purchased a new '18  UXV 700i LE- Am looking for a set of seat belt extenders that will work with this unit. Talked to multiple dealers and they dont seem to know or understand what I need..... Need em to get past the table muscle....  Any help would be appreciated..
    • Welcome to the UTV Board!  the top speed is supposed to right at 25mph. First off, whenever i have this similar problem with any engine, i start by running  some carb cleaner through it (pour proper amount or whole can in gas tank)  i usually do half a can for 4 gallon tank. and if that don't work  i would check your valve clearances, check your manual for specs.  Someone more experienced than me should come along soon. and will probably have a better idea than me.