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    •  Lol, you just affirmed what is old timers on this website already knew or were suspect of. Rich has always gotten me the part I ordered from him and even refunded me when I was dissatisfied with the part. However, I must say he has been difficult to deal with at times. But I haven't ordered from him in at least 8 months. He is an I interesting character to say the least. I respect that he has been selling parts and trying to improve joyners for years. That is not a booming business. And to be honest if we weren't such a thrifty bunch of utv owners he probably would have had a much more profitable business. If this is true I hope he can make it right with those he had wronged and get back on track. One thing I have learned about being a Joyner owner is that we are stronger if we stick together. We can all benefit from each other to include silverbullet. However, we don't cheat each other. That is Joyner code 😉
    • My trailing arms are shot, they are bent up bad. I want to get new ones and have my Welder reinforce them.
      I would like some pictures and price for the tranny...lmk when your ready

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    • I just got the tranny out and will contact you soon. What shape are your trailing arms in? I don't have any but I can show you where I reinforced mine. I have never had any issues  
    • http://www.pacificeagleutv.com/ranger-full-size-single-cab I believe this is the correct model.  The owner  of the site is a member on here  @brostar