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  1. Coker737, OK, here's the real deal ! After reading the shop manual and looking at the schematic, I don't see how the lights would come on momentarily when you start the rig. There is no ground offered to the switches to turn on the light, none that I can see in the schematic. Also, the temp light comes on between 226F and 237F, not 110F, it was 110C DUH my bad. Instead of doing my reading in the morning after my first cup of coffee, I should wait until later in the day after I've had my first cold adult beverage ! Paul
  2. I don't know if the water temp light should come on when you turn the key, the owners manual doesn't mention that. I know the brake light does not. And a correction, the temp light comes on at 110F not 105F.
  3. Here's an update. The water temperature light bulb is fine and won't come on until the temp is above 105F, I have no way of easily checking the water temperature, I'll wait until summer in the SoCal desert and check it. The parking brake light switch is on the brake handle, my problem was simply a dirty contact on the switch. I burnished the contact point and applied a small dab of No-Ox and it's working fine.
  4. Where is this switch located? Is it under the rubber boot protecting the brake mechanism? I have an '05 3010 and the parking brake light and high water temperature light don't come on. However, the radiator fan runs and it's powered by the same switch that powers the light. I don't know if I have bad bulbs or what. I can find no easy way to remove the bulbs to check them. Any pointers? Thanks for your time. Tincup

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