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  1. Keep trying.. gotta find neutral. The cable that moves the shifter up and down on the trans is now adjusted.. There's going to be alot more trying issues then this problem. Get someone that will help you that understands things like these.. Not being smart but I don't have one anymore and it's hard to tell you how to adjust these cables. These joyner are not like typical side by sides. . There's no good manual and are left in dark and have to be able to make things just work or fit. Good luck on your endeavor.
  2. bigdan120

    what to do with old Joyner ?

    Someone might have a case to fix yours.. Or new trans or used trans from someone on here..
  3. bigdan120

    Diff upgrade help

    Works perfectly.
  4. bigdan120

    Diff upgrade help

    Could just take photos and post up... Be easier imo. There's some that will benefit in the future I'm sure.
  5. bigdan120

    09 joyner trooper t2 1100cc

    Well if it's whining it seems like it's getting a void in the steering fluid system. Still not sure what you have upfront for steering gear. Steering box or rack and pinion. Either way you might have air inline. Might have to pressure bleed or vacuum bleed system.
  6. bigdan120

    09 joyner trooper t2 1100cc

    Depends what you paid for it
  7. bigdan120

    09 joyner trooper t2 1100cc

    Hard to say. You said squeals? Usally they will whine if low in fluid. Is the belt right enough? They squeal when belts loose. There is variable that can cause this. Did it always so this?
  8. bigdan120

    09 joyner trooper t2 1100cc

    Probably hydraulic assist. Need more info to go sort it out. Pics of hydraulic set up on front and probably gonna have pull pump and get numbers. Do not brake that pulley! What's it doing that you think it needs foxed?
  9. bigdan120

    Rear diff help

    If it is a T2 model that you're working on you don't have to do anything with the outside hubs or trailing arms to get the rear end out take the pin out of the front drive shaft where goes on to the rear end take the two bolts out that hold her and then don't forget to remove the locker cable then fight with the axles to get them off of the rear end housing after that you can tilt the front end of the rear end up in the air and push forward on the front drive shaft to slide it out the side axles if you Jack the trooper up in the middle under the rear end on the frame and let the suspension sag you can push back the axles for enough to get them off. As far as the shim kit goes I don't believe that anybody is selling the shim kit separately the gentleman that was making them I don't believe makes them anymore you might be able to find some used ones around or ones that people haven't used and see if you can get them off of them I believe Silver Bullet but the rights to it but I'm not a hundred percent sure
  10. bigdan120

    Trooper ignition

    Hey we can always use info like this!
  11. bigdan120

    Trooper ignition

    Well that's good... I don't have one anymore but I still try to help if I can..
  12. bigdan120

    Trooper ignition

    Yeah you need an ignition. Should have power while cranking also.. switch bad.
  13. bigdan120

    Trooper ignition

    1 is constant power. 2 is starter solenoid 3 is power to computer I believe. Turns fan and fuel pump on. 4 i don't know. Not sure what colors are which but almost any ignition should work. Get a test light. Hook alligator clip to good ground. Then test from there. I don't have one here or I could tell you what colors...
  14. Looks like your inner bearing race is still on old axle.. gotta get it off put on new axle.. thats why it not fitting in wheel hub on front. Unless im missing something.
  15. Only be able to rebuild if you find a used one off someone here that has good parts to fix it... And just depends on skill level and what is broken...