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  1. what can I do to improve my ride quality ? are there any other coil options with a lighter rate ? can moving the shock mounting points with the stock shocks increase travel ? what can I do with the stock shocks, I have a 1 year old, am building a race car so spending money on new shocks wont happen for a bit since the money could be better spent on the race car or other stuff now
  2. not a bad idea, maybe run a hardline, clamp to the frame rail, just wonder about the pressure drop over the distance. One thing I havent thought about or looked at when I came up with the idea is were to tap into ? maybe with an oil filter adaptor
  3. I will check the terminal, i was also thinking that if that foil wraper thing bent it could touch the terminal andgound it o the housig. I hope ts somthing stupid, i dnt want down it for an engine
  4. I plan to drill thru and bolt both shafts together,above were Lenny placed the clamp
  5. what about behinde the driver seat, or next to the battery. I think that even some airflow would be better than what is there
  6. I think I got a lemon, my parking brake handle appears to be stripped on the teeth and nolonger wants to engage. maybe a better look will tell if it is repairable
  7. It was never reading this low before. I was thinking and I think that there may be a oil pressure switch for the light and the sending unit for the gauge, but maybe not since there to wires to the sending unit. I burnt my hand on the headder trying to check it ao I will get to it on sunday or next week
  8. How low are you talking ? enough to turn on the light ? its on really dim, its alot brighter with key on engine off. I hope its an issure with water trapped in the foil cover but really dont see how . I guess I should change the oil and filter and see what happens. I hope its not an internal problem
  9. I figure since it holds only 3 1/2 qt it will help and also add a bit more oil to the system. We usually run pretty hard for a long time so it should help
  10. I unloaded and washed the trooper today. I store it at a friends , and noticed while backing it in the oil light was on dim and the gauge read really low. its in a tight area and could not get around it well to check it out. I did notice that the oil pressure sending unit is warpped in foil, I wonder if for some reason getting it wet coulc cause a problem ? I will look into it during the day, check oil level, maybe change the filter incase it internally came apart, and as a last resort check oil pressure with a mech gauge. Has anyone heard of oil pressure issues ?
  11. I have been thinking about adding an oil cooler, has anyone else done this and if so you got any pics ?
  12. sorry for the long response. the problem with the steering shaft is pretty much the same as the problem with the ball joints, the bolt doesent engage far enough. But a larger bolt and lock nut and a bolt to hold the shafts to gether wil fix it
  13. Well I didnt want post until I talked to them because I could have been pissed or happy that I was taken care of. I have to say i spoke with a guy by the name of Alex @ Joyner and it sound like my parts should be on the way soon Ok here is the story, I was running about 40 mph down a wash bed at night making a slight right when it felt like the car was sliding then it took a sharp left and i tried to correct it without any response, I wound up into a dirt wall that was straight up . I hit with the left side of the car and flipped onto the right side of the car. We had to start walking in the dark to fing help. It turned out that the steering shaft bolt that holds the shaft to the coloum some how stripped in the center were the bolt hangs out of the splined portion, the coloum has a flat notch that the bolt goes thru and is supposed to be held in place since the bottom of the coloum is round. My right lower control arm wound up getting and one of the hiems pulled apart, when the car flipped it landed withall the weight on the right front wheel before landing on its side. The next moring we drilled out the coupler and put a longer grade 8 5/16 bolt and lock nut. The longer bolt alloys more surface contact on the coloum shaft since its engaging the shank of the bolt rather than the threads. I also plan on drilling thru the shaft and putting a 1/4 bolt in it which will not allow the shaft to collaspe,. I found that even with out a bolt in the couppler the splines stay engaged but the shaft will collaspe. This will be a saftey feature if the coupler ever has a problem.
  14. Hey guys i have a question , how good is joyner with warranty coverage ? Will they cover damage that is caused by one componet that was caused by another failing ? I really hope they will make good on this issue, I belive they will hopefully see the light and realize that they are lucky nobody was hurt ad that to help futher a new company they will handle the problem before it gets ugly.
  16. Well I took my first trip with the Trooper and it was great. The group we were with all had rhino's and they were well impressed. I walked all over the stock rhino's and also pulled away from the long travel ones with exhaust and cdi boxes. I was running thru the wash beds in 4th and 5th pinned, taking it thru woops and over rocky areas. Also did hill climbing and some single track riding . thing. I did crack 2 Itp SS alloy wheels but they have a lifetime warr. and will getting new ones sent outr. A few of the rhino guys were saying they wished they had bought the trooper. I really drove the hell out of it probally harder than most would
  17. ERV JR


    how much oil does the engine hold ? I need to do my first oil change soon
  18. would it be possible to put together a front/rear shock,and spring package ?
  19. Fast Ferddy has a chip thta is supposed to be good for 15 hp, its $900 I have a alot of friends who I race with and lots of connections , one of them has a dyno shop and I may try to knock the cat out and play with the Fp with a innovative or Fat O2 hooked up and see if there any gains
  20. I have some ideas about mods later on, I have a buddy @ Aris pistons and could have a nice custom set of pistons built to raise the comp, sending the head to portflow , one the top honda head guys and have the cams reground. As for the intake length i belive that the runner length and pleueum area could see some changes but dont think a short runner is going to build low end
  21. I can handle that one, how do you guys compare the trooper to a rhino ride wise ? from my research it seemed like people sold rhinos to get troopers. I read on another fourm that increasing the fuel pressure to 60 psi and changing plugs makes power. That doesent make sense to me, if it needed to be richened up then it would be lean from the factory , the oly thing I can think it it may allow more timing to be run
  22. My odometer is in miles and km, one is under the other. what kind of mods are rec first ?
  23. I picked it up monday night , it was pouring rain while loading it up. I left it on the trailer last night since it was cold ,wet and i didnt feel well. All day at work today all I could think about was getting home and unloading it to take it for a spin. So far we have about 25 miles on it and it came with 5.5 on it. How well does the odomator (sp) work ? How many miles do you guys get to a tank ? I cant wait for our trip for new years
  24. Can anyone post pics of the diff relocation and bracing of the arms
  25. Well that would be great if they would PM me. I am planing on shopping this saturday and want know whats good

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