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    T2 Price

    What is a good price to pay out the door on a T2, how do i know if im getting a good deal? I may buy this weekend but want some idea of what a good,fair,and bad price is . My boss at work knows the GM at one dealer and told me to talk to him and that I should get a really good deal, and Fast freddys says they have the best prices and hewould beat others by atleast $100. I really want to know what i should expect and it would me know if the Gm is giving me a deal or the shaft
  2. ERV JR

    Shock Info!

    any idea on these shocks ? with or without res, is the 2.5 too big ?A friend is a dealer and I was wondering about them ?well reading it says they have a Utv line that will be coming out soon http://f-o-a.com/shop/index.php?main_page=...p;products_id=6
  3. ERV JR

    Diff locks

    I was reading on another site that Joyner was going to come out with electric diff locks, Is this true ? When I was at the dealer all of the troopers on the floor fad the lever type with cable. I wont buy until probally Feb or March but want to take in as I can learn andd be prepared. if there to be push button locks should I have one ordered, I would perfer black and they dont one there so would waiting and getting one around that time insure electric diff locks
  4. How much are youseeing a stock trooper cycle ? I have read 8 on here, but was told differently before. are there any tricks to increase travel , relocating shocks or something ?
  5. ERV JR

    Stock amount of travel

    would you guys suggest adding the shocks on at the dealer so I can finance it all, or would you suggest not because i MAY NEED TO MAKE NEW MOUNTS AND GET different lenght shocks ?
  6. ERV JR

    Stock amount of travel

    Is it possible to chance the angle and placment of the stock shock to give more travel ? how much would I be looking at for a set of aftermarket shocks ? what is prefered Fox or King ? one dealer said they deal with king and the others have no clue wha to use
  7. ERV JR


    I agree, i worked at a dealer and have seen it done, I also do alot of side work on hotrods and race cars and all batt are removed before welding. I would suck ti kill a $1000 worth of Msd stuff because you forgot.=, but have seen it done
  8. Hi all, I am in the market for a Utv, I have really been thinking about the trooper, the question is if it is possible to add a rear bench seat or 2 beard seats like on a rhino. I like the trooper package but really want to add a rear seatfor my daughter and i dont want the lenght hat comes with the t4. Are there any rear seats offered or would i be able to add one, I am able to tig weld and have a full machine shop at my acess but am wonder if the seat would fit or if it would mess up the weight balance with people in it ? Thanks Anthony
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    [quote name='flatbed
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    I want the back seat just to put my daghter in to cruise around but nothing crazy with her. I want the doors for a bit of saftey while thrashing in the desseret. the doors would only be a 3/4 or 1 inch thin wall tube as a frame and alumn skin. Do ou have details about lowing the diff or whats required
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    Well we went to Berts Mega Mall to take a look at them and we really liked what we saw. I am going to wait til after X-mas put am planing getting the T2. I will have it at my buddys sand car shop to build a rear cage,brush gaurd,adding to the front cage and building doors. I am also going to get with my friend who owns beards seats and see if they have something for the rear or see about building a seat to fit the trooper.