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    I'm 63 years old and retired. Happily married to my best friend Jeanne. We do and always have done eveything together including running my business. Spent pretty much my whole life developing products and manufacturing them. I thrive on building things. Have done it since I was about 12 years old. I have a fairly complete but basic machine shop in my garage. I have maintained a shop most of my life. I did race motorcycles when in my twenties, mostly hillclimbing. Managed to scrape out some championships and got lucky and placed second overall at the Widowmaker hillclimb near Salt Lake City, UT when I was about 22. I mountain biked about 40 miles a week for about 15 years but now i'm out of shape. I started out when very young building wheeled vehicles that would go off road. Now I'm revisiting my childhood with my Trooper which I'm having a blast with. I have as much fun reengineering things on it as I do using it. I live in Hurricane, UT. Moved here from Atlanta, GA and love it.

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  1. do you offer rear diff for 2008 trooper t2 with upgrade

    1. Travis Sparks

      Travis Sparks

      sale fell thru now looking to buy joyner in need of repair and dont know how to start that topic on here thanks for replies

  2. Lenny


  3. There is more to standard oil and synthetic oil then its breakdown. Oil has what is called film strength. Picture this example.Put a drop of water on a waxed surface. It will stay together as one drop. Take a wax blade, say a waxed windshield wiper and press it down on the center of the bubble of water. The water at first stays as one puddle with its center being pushed so that the water under the wiper is shallower. This shallower part becomes thinner and thinner as you push the wiper down and just before the wiper touches the waxed surface there is only a very thin film of water under the bl
  4. Do not put new rings in without honing. They won't seat.
  5. If you ask anyone that has rode with me they will tell you that I heavily abused my Trooper also with Renegade gears. I also had 130 HP and ran 10x31 tires with no differential problems . Keep in mind that to just shim the diff isn't enough. Along with replacing the bolts you need to carefully align the gears, If they are miss aligned which was common on many diffs, the teeth don't fully engage putting higher stress on the portion that does engage.
  6. Hi Jeff If I were to send you an email with the diff instructions could you post them in the pinned area in my behalf. No longer selling the kits, the instructions should be available for everyone interested. Lenny
  7. Hi Jeff The straight cut gears are stronger but make more meshing noise. The curved teeth are for smoother and quitter operation. Lenny
  8. I caulked mine completely to seal it off. Main areas are around the starter and bottom plate.
  9. Are your pins comming out or just breaking. If there coming out and then braking, the fix is all together different. Don't trust the wimppy little set screw, their tips can shear off. Use the punch set technique.
  10. If your missing a spherical shim from behind one of the spider gears, It could cause the cross pin to break. When I provided diff upgrade kits, I would actually have the installer grind the center of the first cross pin shaft, weakening it maybe 10%. This was necessary in order for the spider assembly to be able to go back together after it was shimmed correctly, The factory didn't shim them right when new. Out of hundreds of kits I sold I never had anyone mention of ever having a pin brake. Sounds to me like you might have something else wrong.
  11. Grease them until it squeezes out. This helps keep the bearing surfaces clean. If you want to adjust the rear camper, fill in the holes where the wheel spindle bolts to the swing arm and re-drill. Just use a piece of round shaft welded in to fill. Measure your current camper and do a little trig to find where the new holes want to drill. You don't have to do both top and bottom holes, but either or. This is required if your swing arm is twisted. Its also a good way to balance the camper so it matches with the other side.
  12. Re-drill ant tap a size larger. On the steering box above, 1.5:1 sounds awful fast for the trooper. If I'm right, that would be only about 135 degrees of steering wheel turn from stop to stop. Stock is about 2 turns and its still hard to turn. I had 3 turns from stop to stop on mine and it helped a lot. I don't think the power steering would be enough to push the 1.5:1 box.
  13. I pulled my trany without removing the engine but I did need to slide the engine back some.
  14. I always used 4 wheel drive on rough rocky climbs where rocks can do just what you described. As a matter of fact, I stayed in 4 wheel most of the time on all trails unless I wanted to break loose the rear wheels for power sliding turns. When 4 wheels are driving and one gets on a rock, it will keep rolling over it rather then spinning it out from under it as the other 3 wheels keep you going forward. When the wheel spins, the drive train slacks off and then as the spinning tire impacts down hard, things can brake. I've heard a lot of Trooper owners say how they don't need 4 wheel drive to cli

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