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  1. I have bought the propeller shafts and other parts from Casey Ye... [email protected] Just email the part numbers you need. Another good source is http://joyner-usa.com/. They are always helpful...and Rich at Silverbullett has a lot of Joyner parts. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. If have the originals in my 2009 T4, but have ordered the "polyurethane" ones from silverbullet.com...twice...Silverbullett is just a bit difficult to deal with and its hard to get them to actually charge your credit card and send the parts.
  3. And another...got stuck that day, just me and my son, and he had an injured leg that he was trying to keep out of the water. Glad we had the farm jack and snatch block, that stock winch had to go.
  4. Pic of the trusty beast...street legal, currently at 5500 miles.
  5. Planning to add electric power steering to my 09 T4. Looking at YouTube, I have found that some of the EPS columns have remote mounted ECU and only require 3 wire hookup...power, ground and switched ignition. After 10 seconds, EPS will go into fail safe mode and supply good power assist, without the extra wires connected (or the adjustment knob.) Thinking of trying a Prius or Corolla column...about $50 at the junkyard or $80 on eBay. Tobie1987 has done exactly what I plan to do. Any advice?
  6. Never seen an OBD port on my 2009 Trooper T4...