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  1. parmerhomestead

    Kubota rtv 900

  2. parmerhomestead

    Kubota rtv 900

    Worked the crap out of it tjis weekend. This thing is super strong and so will crawl over about anything I've tried. Will see if she lasts.
  3. parmerhomestead

    Kubota rtv 900

    Looks like this thing is gonna be a beast. Not fast but has tons of torque which is what I was after. Not impressed with the forward reverse selector. Seems fickle and not well designed. Also the parking brake won't engage unless you manually push the catch down. Probably just needs adjusting
  4. parmerhomestead

    Kubota rtv 900

    2018. Im about to go work with it today. Ill post my impression.
  5. parmerhomestead

    Kubota rtv 900

    I'm about to buy an rtv 900. Are they good workhorses?
  6. I'm going to be clearing some land and cutting some rather large trees. I want to skid my logs so I can have them milled. I'm thinking a utv would be ideal. I never have owned one so i'm clueless about what to look for. The logs will be up to 20 inches in diameter and up to 20 ft long. Thanks