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  1. I'm thinking about starting up a target UTV Club in my area. I was wondering if any of you have done a write up of bylaws and rules, organization and charters ? The area I live in doesn't currently have ANY Clubs specifically for UTVs. The problem with that is that other vehicles are classified different, have different requirements and restrictions. Plus here in Oregon; they group us in with Jeeps. Hell; we're not Jeeps! We're 1000 pounds from being a Jeep! I have found some awesome private areas to ride (considering our government has closed off MOST of the wilderness to us.) I'd like to attract other UTVrs to not only go riding; but fix up the trail system leaving it in better shape than when we got there. The general ignorant public thinks we're just dirt bikers, or Jeepers who care only about sredding up the land. (No offense bikrs and Jeepers) I know thats not true for the most part; but thats what these ignoramuses think. Maybe we can surprise them with our care for the land? The thing is that UTVs are here to stay....even though the general public doesn't recognize us as a different kind of off roader. Any ideas of organization would be very appreciated! Thanks in advance guys!


    Ken please email me. [email protected] Use Subject: Oregon UTV Club.


  2. I do not own a Q-Link but I have a member in our group who owns one. He says it is just as good as a Rhino. But I also have a member who sold his Joyner and then bought a Q-Link. When he got it home, he was unloading it off the trailer and when he put it in reverse the gear shift lever broke right off. He took back to the dealer and got his money back and then went and bought a new Rhino. He was not happy because he had driven 160 miles one way just to buy the Q-link

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