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  1. silverbullet

    I just wanted to let you guys know that any tech question i can help you with.

    I also wanted to thank all of you for our best year ever.It nice to help you guys out.

    Thanks Rich

  2. No sorry it was a give away.To all members.

  3. Hay Chris & Garth its about time. Now we will see Joyner be the best sidexside we new it could be.Chis is the best Joyner tech thear is.Plus a great guy.




  4. Huunz It is hard to find stock rims.You can buy new ones for about the same price.Look on ebay or crags list

  5. Hi Lenny.WE just got the sintered brake pads in stock.Troopers

    WE have a fuel controler coming out in about 3 weeks.We will Dyno Stock and with controler to see the h/p toqure.After that we start on the timing controler.then we will Dyno it again to see the total results.silverbullet

  6. Silverbullet

    5% discount on all custom parts.Powersteering to Brakes to Suspension. Forged Pistons Headgaskets accelerator cables Clutchs Stock made in Japan Klever clutches.Many more parts on the way.Most parts made in the USA.Must be a Member!

  7. HI Lenny.

    Just got forged pistons in.Normal compression.Low compression comming soon.Head Gaskets 1100cc & 650CC came today.


  8. Hi Lenny.

    Its rick from silverbulletmotorsports.If you get a chance email [email protected] am getting some low compression pistons.Tell me what you want and i will make them for you



  9. Hi Lenny.

    I am having custom brake disc made.Do you know what type metel i should use.High carbon steel or??.I would appreciate your advice.Thanks Rick [email protected]

  10. Hi Lenny

    I have 1100 CC head new .I am having head gaskets custom made for Troopers stock or thicker to lower compression.This companey only dose custom head gaskets.They have one now we will see what they do for us.

    Silverbullet [email protected] thanks rick

  11. Hi Lenny

    I have been dealing with two customers who have 1600 vipers and the clutch is a 24 spline VW 1 dowll pin clutch. I have 1600 fly wheels and they are the same as the VW.The tranny is the same with 24 splin imput shaft.on the 1600 your are right.

  12. HI Lenny

    Silverbullet i just spoke to Jarrad and he said you had the best setup

    Tropper he has ever drove.!!!!

  13. Joyner performance parts.All original Joyner "Parts Superstore"Powersteering Elect".

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    2. silverbullet


      Lenny yes i did get it.Thanks vary much.I still need some help on the pully and the mount.But what you gave me was a big help.I will get back to you soon.If you need anything let me know.Rick

      Thanks again


    3. silverbullet


      OurTrooper rear wheel bearings 35x65x35 double taperd roller bearings will ship out with seals.They will add about 14.00 dollars to the price.Just to let you know.

    4. 650fireline


      Thx Rick n Jose for my rebuild on the 650 complete engine it was GREAT!!!!

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