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    Building the best Joyner i can.Trail riding & developing new parts including performance parts.We at love what we do.We have direct Connections in China Chery Corporation and many more
    DEALER PROGRAM OFFERED.Largest Chery Parts Dealer In The US.
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  1. Must have to carry along

    silverbullet Have a great time. 'Rich
  2. silverbullet We may be interested in parts.Please send pictures of all the parts.We have a new service.Rebuilding engines and cylinder heads in house. including Hi Performance engines.We will need a good block and head core you send head we check Cylinder head with a straight edge special service in 650,800,1100 cc .We will stock 1 engine a 1 hi performance head.We can offer the complete head in stock. Your // Machine shop they will bore the cylinder and resurface the head if warped.We will let you know.1100cc head almost done.Keep in touch with me ThanThanks Rich
  3. silverbulletmotor. Will fit all 1100 5 speed buggy. let ma know i have a need for good block and heads.even 800 cc engines. Thanks Rich
  4. Silver BulletMotorsports

    Is everybody watching Scary!
  5. Silver BulletMotorsports

    Silverbullet Is this the right place
  6. Silver BulletMotorsports this where i post.Old not a computer guy
  7. Silver BulletMotorsports

    Where am i supposed to be.Wright a side of story.Thank please let me know where to post.Thank rich i hate typing.
  8. silverbullet I have parts for you when you are ready to fix renli. rich
  9. silverbullet Please send pictures i will buy if the parts are good.Need shipping address.if you wan't send pictures.Or i am not interested without the pictures. Rich
  10. silverbullet. please send picture of all parts.Try to give me picture of cylinder walls,transmission ,rear differential. Send to [email protected] Thanks Rich