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    Building the best Joyner i can.Trail riding & developing new parts including performance parts.We at silverbulletmotorsports.net love what we do.We have direct Connections in China Chery Corporation and many more
    DEALER PROGRAM OFFERED.Largest Chery Parts Dealer In The US.

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  1. silverbullet

    Steering hard

    Silverbullet Call dealer the will know.Some had power steering.I do not know
  2. silverbullet

    Rear cv axles 650 commander

    silverbullet Hi i was talking to a vendor and he said they were not going to make any, less than.10 pieces rich
  3. silverbullet

    Rear cv axles 650 commander

  4. silverbullet

    1100 Sand Viper Fuel Pressure

    call me 928 246 6819 928 344 2117 If you need help call me rich
  5. silverbullet

    1100 Sand Viper Fuel Pressure

    silverbullet call me tomorrow i can help 928 246 6819
  6. silverbullet

    1100 Sand Viper Fuel Pressure

    Hello Please call me.Thanks, Rich 928 344 2117 928 246 6819 rich
  7. silverbullet

    Neighbors mechanical problem.

    silverbullet Can you give me what model you have 3 or 4 cyl? Chery 928 246 6819
  8. silverbullet

    Who’d you recommend for Head mods?

    silverbullet We have building chery . We can build you a hi-performance head we can port and polish your head. Install a set of cams. Giving you more low-end torque. With custom valve job. Shipping willing cost about 80.00 . rich
  9. silverbullet

    Who makes a supercharger for our SxS’s?

    silverbullet we do supercharging all chery based 4x4.3 cylinder 4 cylinder. thanks rich if you want to talk 928 246 6819 call me
  10. silverbullet

    Diff lock, front or rear only?

    silverbullet The only one with the lock rear differential is the commando 4x4 dump bed
  11. silverbullet No Problem up to ECU.Seal wire plugs .They all the plug in to the harness.the big two connectors do them.Snorkel intake and the 2 differential and any whear you see.Thanks Note this is not a everyday product. Rich
  12. silverbullet

    Diff lock, front or rear only?

    silverbullet i need to know what joyner you are looking.The type #is the number on the vin above the metal tag. thanks Rich silverbulletmotorsports.net 928 344 2117
  13. silverbullet

    Is this the 2018 model?

    silverbullet joyner in China or Usa .Parts will always be available in the future.I like Jake he is a good man but the parts end is dead .Parts are down buy 50% and joyner makes most of their money on parts..This is vary hard on Joyner USA Rich
  14. silverbullet

    Long Clutch Cable needed...?

    silvebullet.We do sell a complete kits.Drill a few holes and you are done.silverbulletmotorsports.net 928 344 2117
  15. silverbullet

    Trooper cool modifications?

    silverbullet Nice and clean all the mods.If you need anything let me know.10 percent on all joyner parts.Just let me know. 928 344 2117