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  2. This thing sounds terrific running. As of now I am trouble shooting the ignition not triggering the start motor to engage. It will spin, but to engage the motor I have to contact the poles on the starter directly. Also, I am cleaning the rust out of the fuel tank and noticed the baffles inside have come off of the spot welds and are just loose inside the tank.
  3. Sorry, I will when I can. Currently I am out of state, and will return at the beginning of the year. I think I will have to do a good deal more work on this toy since it was left for so long prior to me purchasing it.
  4. Hello. I recently bought a 2008 Sand Viper 800cc. I had issues with the starter so I had it rebuilt, however now I cannot remember how it gets wited back up. If anyone could, would they please inform me through a picture on how to reconnect the four wires I have here. Thank you.

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