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  1. strike250

    2011 yardsport ys 400

    The Yardsport YS400 is a mix of parts from the Yamaha parts bin. The manufacture is HiSUN, who also happens to manufacture parts for Yamaha and more OEM's. The bottom end is basicaly the same as the Yamaha 350 Grizzly/Bruin. The top end is more of less off of a Yamaha Kodiak 400, early 2002 style. I would start by using OEM Yamaha parts for the clutch. 2007-2011 Yamaha Grizzly 350 wet clutch. the parts are of higher quality than the Chinese counterparts. This might be part of your problem. They bolt right on and will work and last much better.
  2. strike250

    Wiring issues

    Here is the wiring diagram for the single wire type. Along with a pic of the sensor in the cylinder head. The color of the single wire might be White with Blue tracer.
  3. strike250

    2011 yardsport ys 400

    When you say you went through both clutches in just about 250 miles, I'm guess the replacement clutch was worn and possibly had wear marks on the clutch hub as well? did you do any work to the primary and secondary clutches at all?
  4. strike250

    2011 yardsport ys 400

    Well, I know a little about these clutches. are you still having issues with them? And if so, what is happening to the wet clutch. and second, are you having any issues with the outer clutches at all? When you replaced the clutch, did you use an OEM clutch or an aftermarket one? Did you replace the one way bearing as well. and when you replaced the clutch, did you replace the outer clutch drum? Matt
  5. strike250

    Wiring issues

    It's a EFI version right? Or is it a carburator one. Your year should be an EFI with a two wire sensor. The single wire sensors versions had a single wire with a fairly large brass ring connector going to it
  6. strike250

    Hisun 750 crew 2016

    did you figure it out? just interested. I thought it was the seat belt connector at first. they do that to prevent the unit from going up to speed without the seatbelt connected.
  7. strike250

    Hisun/Massimo 400 Fuel in Airbox

    has anyone gotten back to you regarding this? if not, let me know.
  8. strike250

    2011 yardsport ys 400

    Has anyone gotten back to you regarding this issue. I can help you if you are still having issues. matt
  9. strike250

    2008 hisun rear axles

    Hello, I'm not sure if anyone ever got back to you, but yes they are and should fit in
  10. I would also recommend the above people, great quality products.
  11. strike250

    Wiring issues

    The water temp coolant sensor is located on the thermostat housing. It is a 2 wire connector that goes back to the ECU. On the fan motor side of life there is also a 2 wire connector, but in-line to that is also a coolant fan motor circuit breaker between the fan motor relay and the fan motor. There is also a fan motor fuse before the fan motor relay. So all these things will need to be inspected to ensure a proper working coolant system. As for the wires to the coolant temp sensor, there should be a 2 wire connector close by. As most electrical connectors tend to keep their natural flow. So, it should be somewhere close to the position of the coolant temp sensor. I am attaching a wiring diagram to the coolant electrical system, as well as the colors of the wires to the electrical connector. The wiring diagram is specifically for the 2008 700cc version you have. If you can't find the electrical connector, it might have been zip tied to the wiring harness somewhere nearby. Check for a 2 wire connector not being used with the same wire colors as stated. Again, check the coolant fan motor fuse first, then inspect the coolant fan motor relay, then inspect the connector to the coolant fan motor itself. I would also test the coolant temp sensor for proper OHM (see diagram). If all of these things are working properly, then the coolant system will work as designed. The fan should only come on after about 205 degrees. If the fan is on the entire time, (such as a fan bypass switch) the engine will not warm up properly, and thus run rich during the warm up cycle. You could end up fouling spark plugs over time. I hope this helps, if you have any questions after looking at this, please let me know. Matt
  12. strike250

    Slow 2017 HiSun Strike 250

    Awesome! have fun with the family, send me some pics as well and I'll post them on the website.
  13. strike250

    Difficult to get out of gear.

    it sounds like a clutch problem to me. I have had bad clutch weights cause this same problem. If you are still having this issue, check out the slider weights in the variator side of the clutch. But it does sound like its clutch related because if the clutch is not fully working, it is telling the engine that the clutch is engaged, causing the big clunk you hear when you try to shift even while not moving. it would also cause the drive line to drag a bit at idle.