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  1. http://fumotousa.com/ there are also quite a few suction pumps online for changing oil, with a long hose you can stick through the dipstick hole if possible. they're either hand pump or battery.
  2. Take a look here, they may have something that will fit your needs. As well as roof racks. I did fine a Arctic Cat part number for the spare tire rack, Arctic Cat 1436-814. Arctic Cat Wildcat Hunting | Storage: SideBySideStuff.com
  3. I'm not aware of anyone here "selling" UTV insurance.
  4. We showed 52 at the house this morning, but the airport (CXO) had 48!
  5. Engines need 4 things to start, 1. Fuel 2. Air 3. compression 4. Spark (at the correct time). i would start by removing the air filter, and spray starting fluid or carburetor cleaner straight into the air intake, then try to start it, if it fires up, then dies, you have a fuel issue. It could be as simple as a clogged fuel filter also.
  6. A little warm here sunday, but the low's and highs, alot better than 98 degrees with 90% humidity.... almost time to start hauling firewood with the mule again!
  7. i haven't had much time to mess with it, it's on the back burner for now. But thanks for the info and about using the kevlar rope 👍
  8. I would be tempted to weld steel plate under there if possible, they're stuck there in a vulnerable spot for a tree stump. as long as it wouldn't inhibit proper suspension travel.
  9. it appears motorcycle doctor has them in stock in Missouri USA, would it take that long to get to vancouver? https://www.ebay.com/itm/Crankcase-Position-Sensor-Crank-Trigger-UTV-800-HiSun-Massimo-BENNCHE-UTV800-MSU-/351251653615
  10. it's possible they replaced it, and splicing was required to connect it, though you'd think there would be a connection to the harness.... I don't know for sure, but i know it can be done on mower safety switches, is to connect the two wires going to the switch directly, and see if the problem goes away.
  11. looks like a cool project, keep us posted
  12. Welcome to the UTV Board! since its new I would get in touch with your dealer.\ also, i would put it in Neutral, and rev the engine, if the rattle doesnt happen, then its most likely and issue with the drive system.
  13. sometimes it can take time for the rings to properly seat... I remember when i rebuilt my mule, it would blow a small amount of smoke on start up, but went away within a few hours and doesn't use a drop now. Did you have to Hone the cylinder, or have a machine shop bore it out? Could also be valve seals leaking.

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