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  1. Travis

    Wiring issues

    @Flanman55. You might message @strike250, he knows quite a bit about HiSun.
  2. Travis

    Travis' Mule 550

    I will say it's clever marketing. Attracts the people who are too poor to pay for lawn care and too lazy to perform maintenance..
  3. Travis

    Travis' Mule 550

    Speaking of Oil, fairly recently Briggs and Stratton released a new engine, that you never have to change the oil in. Just Check n' Add. i suppose if you let it run dry from burning oil you could add and that would be an oil change..... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fD4Pj1b2_FM
  4. Travis

    Travis' Mule 550

    I think that "myth" comes from the early days of synthetic oil, found this. Best Answer: In all lies is a grain of truth. Early in the days of synthetic, the compounds in the oil had different effects on the internal seals of an engine. Petroleum contained distillates that caused the engine seals to expand or "swell". The seals would wear to the correct tolerance for that component and everything would be fine, until the owner switched to synthetic oil . Synthetics did not contain the distillates and the seals would return or "shrink" back to their original size. This caused sometimes incredible oil leakage issues. An interesting side bar is the invent of several "stop leak additives" to battle these problems. The primary component of these was and still is today.... Petroleum Distillate If an engine had synthetic oil in it from the beginning and for the majority of its existence, the seals would not swell and wear until the owner switched to conventional oil. Once the switch was made, you could never go back due to the extended wear to the motor. Both synthetic and conventional oils are "engineered" today making them very similar in detergent and distillate levels, so switching is not so much of an issue anymore
  5. Travis

    Travis' Mule 550

    All I saw was cast iron and aluminum, held together by bolts. http://www.whitfieldoil.com/156.631 ⬆interesting read. I don't see why conventional won't work after a synthetic.
  6. Travis

    Travis' Mule 550

    This is what i have in it now, I used run Valvoline 10W40. https://www.motul.com/us/en-US/products/break-in-oil-10w40-5a98e823-b9a8-4419-a72e-8b2cf0bf2bcd I've always heard if you run synthetic, you can't go back to conventional.....?
  7. Travis

    Travis' Mule 550

    3 hours on the new engine! so far so good! one question, the oil change is either once a year OR every 50 hours, i wonder if i should change it sooner since it's break in oil? I don't know.
  8. Travis

    Travis' Mule 550

    Sorry the video isn't better. Driving one handed and trying to hold it steady is hard.
  9. Travis

    Travis' Mule 550

  10. Hi, you might try looking here. http://www.armstronglifts.net/products/pedalmates.htm
  11. Travis

    Travis' Mule 550

    Well, I finally put 2 hours on the new engine, so far so good!
  12. Travis

    Travis' Mule 550

    I gave the Mule a bath today, and I tell you what Windex works great on cleaning the front dash/plastic and gives it a nice shine as well!
  13. Travis

    Travis' Mule 550

    I think once i empty this tank, i heard that the Evapo- Rust works real good on metal gas tanks.
  14. It's great to be ridin' again!!

  15. Travis

    Travis' Mule 550

    Well, i think Mr, Berryman Chemtool worked his magic, ran it for 30 minutes with no problems, it Idles higher now so i had to adjust it again.