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  1. Going to try to measure the rotor clearences on the oil pump. manual says: (Use feeler gauge) Standard: Less than 0.14 MM Service Limit: 0.3 MM and i cant find a 0.14 mm feeler gauge. ????? i think, if my math is correct it comes out to .005? 5 thou?
  2. Travis' Mule 550

    Need to get y'all a picture of the honing job Ted's did. A work of art! When i went there, the machinist asked me what grit stones i was using, all i new it said was "medium grit" from the parts store. He said it was too rough for honing. and i might have broke or wore my rings pre maturely.
  3. Travis' Mule 550

    1 thing left and thats getting a new shim for the crank. and setting end play,
  4. Travis' Mule 550

    Back from the machine shop. Everything was perfect, so i went ahead and dropped 20 bucks for a professional honing.
  5. Travis' Mule 550

    Taking it to the Ted's wednesday (tomorrow) they're going to mic it for free (yay!) and see what's going on.
  6. Travis' Mule 550

  7. 2001 Mule 550 rebuild

    I'm going to try and start taking more pictures to share with y'all.
  8. 2001 Mule 550 rebuild

    Rebuild of 2001 kawasaki mule 550.
  9. Travis' Mule 550

    Before Crank un-installedPiston INSTALLED after honing.Crank installed after honing. Last pic is honed. Kind of blurry, took it with one hand. It looks better in person. It may not be professional quality but im 99.99999999999999999% sure it will work. Did better than I thought i would. So now, only ONE more obstacle. the crankshaft axial play adjustment BUT I need someones opinion ( i took the piston back out afterwards) not sure if you can see it, but in the picture with cylinder honed, it's almost right where the glare from the light is, and on top of the cylinder directly across from the spot, it looks like the hone didn't get ruffed up. any ideas? out of round cylinder, cylinder wore and needs bored??
  10. What about us with no facebook? 👈
  11. 2007 trans 3010

    Yes, that is perfectly fine.
  12. 2007 trans 3010

    Yes it has brake lights and tail lights in one. It should turn on when you flip the light switch, and the brake light comes on when you press the brake pedal. Most models have a spring attached to the pedal that goes to a switch just above the pedal. And as far as i know, they don't have a horn,stock unless one is added . Do you mean while the engine is running, or just when you turn the key to the ON position? because the key has 3 positions. Off, On and Start (Engine). Welcome to the board and Congrats on your purchase of a great machine. If you need any parts look here:
  13. Once i get the cylinder honed, the only remaining problem is the crankshaft shim.. And i have a few questions. 1. In the manual it gives a solution to the problem i'm having of the crank NOT spinning when the cover on (by hand). 2. And i just can't wrap what's left of my brain around the instructions, i guess use a caliper to measure? (instructions circled in red) (my brother has been helping me, he's fairly knowledgeable with this stuff, but more Diesel engines than anything) and he says to use a dial indicator set up, and to use this* as a spec for end play. and that would help us get the measurements needed in picture #2. 1st pic is the runout. But is it the same as crankshaft end play? 🤔 2nd pic is of the instructions (solution) to get the correct shim. I don't know, maybe this makes sense the way i wrote it. Thanks, Travis.
  14. 1 step closer

    Yep, I bought 2 Wix filters just for that
  15. I've noticed the Massimo MSU-500, The Cub Cadet Challenger 500 (550?) and the Benneche Bighorn 500 all look the same? Does one company make them and they just put their name on them?