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  1. First Time UTV Buyer

    Hands down Kawasaki mule 610, good for hauling small trailers. New are around 7000. I personally havnt heard any bad comments Check out UTV review website. Welcome to utvboard!
  2. What kind of hone do you recommend? I've seen some that are expandable and use stones. and some that look like cotton balls on the end or you have some like this
  3. Ordered a ring compressor, and they came with Ring pliers. Selling them since I already had some. asking they do fit the rings on my Mule 550, so might on most UTV's. 8.00 +shipping or best offer.
  4. Hisun 250 2” lift and Banshee Spacers

    Is your son Okay? Glad everything held up good.
  5. found this video. What do y'all think? Im not sure the cylinder is cast iron though. But it talks about honing it in the manual, so i assume so.
  6. Well, I'm kicking myself sideways,backways and upways right now. I found out in the manual that your supposed to hone the cylinder before re ringing the piston. So I gotta do that. But what's the difference between boring the cylinder and honing it? Some people say boring it makes the cylinder bigger etc. And some say honing does that. But i think honing it is just to remove minor scratches, right? And if i hone the cylinder, will that require oversize rings and piston? Thanks, T.
  7. UTVBOARD Updates Completed

    Cool! Look forward to it!
  8. dump bed problems

    Welcome to the forum! First off, did you buy the lift for the bed, or did it come with it? More than likely a clicking noise, usually means a solenoid has gone bad and is not engaging properly. But i am not very familiar with the dump bed lift, and how it is set up. I will try to find some more information quickly.
  9. 2001mule 3010 4x4

    On my Mule 550 they were LEFT handed. It's easy to find out 😝
  10. Cub cadet 2006 utv parking brake

    I hate to say it, but have you contacted Cub cadet to see if there is a new improved replacement for it?
  11. Cub cadet 2006 utv parking brake

    How long has the problem been "Occuring" ?
  12. Quieter exhaust!

    Good video, you just need a few jumping ramps!
  13. 09 Mule drive issues

    That's what i figured. Sorry, as i do not know a ton about 4010's. Someone should be along shortly to help!
  14. 09 Mule drive issues

    Welcome to the Forum! First off, do you have a 610 or a 4010?