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  1. I just looked at Amazon....they have it for 28.00 dont go by the picture...the 22229 muffler is round....and it is the one I used
  2. Hi Dan...yes the 22229 muffler us the one I used. I got mine from Amazon ..25.00, free shipping word of caution ....there are four springs holding the exhaust pipe on...be patient taking them off. I made a pair of Springg removers...just to make it easier. ugly, but they work great...welded two pieces of flat stock ( 3/4 x 1/8") to a pair of old channeloks john
  3. The exhaust it very quiet now...and no fumes blowing on my passengers in tow
  4. Hi strike250.... Good to hear from you I'd like to see what your hitch looks like.....send some pics if you get a chance. Mine was just something thrown together from scrap pieces.....but works real good. Pulled the grandson around with it in the snow with no problem....both snow boarding and sleds. I put a very thin rubber door mat in the bed to keep the weight off the tail gate....its held in and down with two u-clamps up front. Not sure if you noticed , but I also removed the two side guards next to the seat.....easier to get in and out of...and someplace to sit when taking a break...but I don't have extreme hills and dangerous terrain...mostly smooth/ mowed trails and fence line. John
  5. If you are just hauling light weight / bulky material.....this is something I did to make the bed larger. Just added a large 59.00 tub to the bed. John
  6. Hi DD... i made this one. I just used some 2" angle iron and a piece of 1-1/4" square tubing
  7. Good evening all... Question?...... Has anyone tried shortening the turning radius on a Hisin? I have the Hisun Vector 250... Which is a blast and perfect for what I need and want. The only thing I would change, now,..is to make the turning radius shorter...mine is about 17 ft. I would think a UTV, side x side would be much tighter. any thoughts? John
  8. Range rider ... i cut and welded bent pieces together to get the angles I needed. If I had to do it over, I would have bought a section of 1-1/2" pipe bends from Amazon .....it would have went much quicker. be sure to use a Walker " quiet flow"... They are the quietest. ..25.00 from Amaxon i have seen no difference in performance ...runs great IMG_0918.MOV
  9. Sorry Charlie....the muffler topic is under " general discussion" john ps:. Let me know if you can view / hear the two attached videos
  10. Has anyone tried to open the two videos posted? I've tried to open both....but I just get a blank screen thanks John
  11. Hi Hawgman a question ..if you don't mind where did you buy a NOS sector 250?.... And what did it cost, if you don't mind telling thanks John
  12. Hi Charlie.....the info about the Walker muffler is in the "Hisun discussion" area. ...and yes it us much quieter i have attached two videos showing / hearing the dufference. I'm ver happy with the change . regarding the Vector name....I hope I didn't get an NOS unit... The certificate states it is a 12-12-2017...but I don't know if that is when they pulled it from their inventory...?? John
  13. ..... Also, ..just replaced the stock muffler with a new Walker " quiet-flow".....now it is very quiet i added pictures and sound videos on another post here

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