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  1. Thanks again for your insight. Our community uses the UTV for several other purposes, so replacing it with a tractor won’t work. I think the answer is to see about acquiring a tractor, or alternatively find a ~200 gallon water buffalo.
  2. Kenfain, thank you for your thoughtful answer. There are no inclines in our community. Frankly, I hadn’t thought about the braking issue. And, of course, your suggestion is on point, “why not haul less water?” Because the primary use for the power washer is to clean mold and residue off of wooden bridges and remote structures, clean water isn’t necessarily accessible. And, again, you’re right about a pickup or tractor, and that’s the direction we may need to go. Are there any UTV’s that would have this capability? It seems like I see ads for UTV’s dragging logs out of forests and other high torque duties.
  3. My community owns a Mule KAF620 MJF. We also have a North Star trailer mounted power washer. Fully loaded (w/water tank) the entire trailer weighs 3600#. Since the Mule has a rated towing capacity of 1200#, we are afraid to tow the trailer fully loaded. Since this unit has plowing capability, I have some difficulty believing that it would damage the unit by towing the 3600# unit short distances on perfectly flat terrain, mostly concrete or asphalt. Can any experienced Mule operators comment on your towing experiences?

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