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  1. Timing chain broke. Replaced the timing chain, oil pump chain, cam & rings. Ran great for 2 hours. Brought it home, started & drove to the shop. Next day started & drove around the property and it started running rough, wouldn’t idle just died, restarted & took it to the shop. Next day wouldn’t even start just crank over. Drained all the fuel & replaced with new, bought a new plug & ecu! Fired right up and let it run for an hour & burped the coolant as I had double checked the timing & valves prior. Next day started it and it was running a bit rough but smoothed out & ran for another hour. Next day it just cranks & won’t start! I’m at my wits end with this machine and would appreciate any help or suggestions on what might be the issue. Thanks in advance! Brad
  2. 2015 750 challenger crew... timing chain broke. Replaced the timing chain, cam, rings & oil pump chain. Ran for 2 hours great, next day started it and halfway up my drive it started running rough, stopped & it died! Restarted it drove home & parked it, died again. Next day it wouldn’t even start. Bought a new plug, drained all the fuel & put in a new ecu. Started up ran great for an hour straight shut it down, next day started again & ran a little rough & then smoothed out for another hour. Next day wouldn’t even start, just cranks!! I’m about done with this machine!! Any thoughts or ideas what’s going on would be greatly appreciated

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