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  2. Timing chain broke. Replaced the timing chain, oil pump chain, cam & rings. Ran great for 2 hours. Brought it home, started & drove to the shop. Next day started & drove around the property and it started running rough, wouldn’t idle just died, restarted & took it to the shop. Next day wouldn’t even start just crank over. Drained all the fuel & replaced with new, bought a new plug & ecu! Fired right up and let it run for an hour & burped the coolant as I had double checked the timing & valves prior. Next day started it and it was running a bit rough but smoothed
  3. 2015 750 challenger crew... timing chain broke. Replaced the timing chain, cam, rings & oil pump chain. Ran for 2 hours great, next day started it and halfway up my drive it started running rough, stopped & it died! Restarted it drove home & parked it, died again. Next day it wouldn’t even start. Bought a new plug, drained all the fuel & put in a new ecu. Started up ran great for an hour straight shut it down, next day started again & ran a little rough & then smoothed out for another hour. Next day wouldn’t even start, just cranks!! I’m about done with this machi

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