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  1. I have a Linhai 550 T-Boss which is the European version of the Massimo. I know there are slight differences but nothing mechanical or essentially body-wise. Having had a cab with heating installed it became apparent that the gaps surrounding the pedals negated the floor level heating, the gaps are large. Looking for a solution I found out that the next generation of T-Boss have parts fitted to block these gaps. I should imagine that without these plastic fitting that any water puddles or worse would wet the feet & floor. The parts are available as an aftermarket purchase, so if the gap i
  2. Can-Ams come with a great toolkit for belt changing. Nothing similar in my toolkit just the basic. There are plenty of belt change kits for Polaris machines but nothing for my T-Boss. I'm talking about a kit kept in the machine so that in the event of a repair being necessary on the trail. It looks like I will have to make one up myself, any body know what exactly is needed?
  3. Just bought a Linhai 550 T-Boss UTV & had the DFK cab with heater fitted. It wasn't cheap but there are problems with it for those thinking of fitting. Firstly, the Linhai is basically the same as the Massimo. No rock sliders but i'm getting them made. I have the heater fitted but the gaps around the steering and numerous other places almost negate it's value. I have done a lot of insulating but the steering & pedal areas present a problem. The insulation is mostly on the roof and back of the cab to try to quieten the increase in noise. Also fitted rubber floor mats, the type you can t
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