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  1. Thanks Kinarfi, I have checked all the fuses by taking them out, even swapped the relays around yesterday evening, nothing seemed to work any better after doing that. But today the thing works perfect every time, I wonder if water got into the key switch when I was washing it off? I looked at the scematic and can't really tell anything about the 1st gear 2nd gear stuff unless it is refering to different postions on the key switch. I believe it was wet somewhere and now that it is all dry it is working great, good point on the 12volts to the + side of the pump, i'll try that if it stops working
  2. Has anybody had trouble with the fuel pumps on T2's? Mine works some of the times and then other times it will not work. I took the outlet fuel line loose and when I trun the key the fans comes on but NO fuel, maybe the next time it will work, then it won't work for a couple times, then go back to working??? I thought it might be a bad connection on the fuel pump itself so I replaced the connectors, no help, back to working/not working. The machine had sit for a few months over the summer. Will a standard high pressure fuel pump work with troopers? At this point, i don't know if it is the fu

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