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  1. I sure will. As of Saturday, the mechanic was looking into ordering a new wiring harness for the hisun hs 500. Said it'd save us money in the long run, rather than him chasing wires to find the issue. I'll update my post if we ever see it again,hits going on 6 weeks now😞
  2. Thanks. Wound up taking the hisun 500 to a mechanic. $$$$.
  3. Hi, new member here, thanks for the ad. Our 2012 hisun hs 500 utv turns over but won't start unless primed. It'll run then for a few seconds & shut back down. It's just not getting fuel. Things we've done, installed brand new fuel pump, fuel pump relay, starter selonoid, replaced all the small fuses in fuse container...10-15 & 3 amps. Replaced a few Butt Connectors a 30 amp. Fuse for headlights. Tapped up some electrical wiring. Nothing has helped. It always started instantly. At a loss as to what to do next. Any suggestions would be so appreciated. TIA. Ann

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