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    2008 Trooper T2 Driver (some times passenger) Electronics, designed and built Electrical Power Steering Assist for Trooper, Made many other changes to Trooper too.
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    Joyner, Trooper 2

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  1. If you're going to do that, take your photos and put them in google drive and share the folder so we can all see what you have. Jeff
  2. I had that problem and when camping one time I parked on a hill and it would start with out a problem if I just coasted down the hill and popped the clutch, and once the engine warmed up, no more problems! I've always wondered if the starter pulled the voltage down far enough to effect things. I put new rings on the pistons and never had the problem again.
  4. I've never had to deal with them, but I was going to ask if you have the manual or not, just for the drawing of how the are run. good luck to you, Jeff
  5. if you go with stock original bushing and your swing arms do not have grease zerks, add them, put them so they don't get sheared off at full travel.
  7. please take some photos of the bolt heads and how much machining you had to do for clearance.
  8. BEAUTIFUL!!!! THANKS, I have added it to Parts, Pieces, and Information for our Troopers & Joyners as Joyner Trooper Differential Rebuild Kit .doc, figured it would show up in searches better with that name.
  9. I have been cleaning my garage and ran into the original instruction papers that Lenny sent out with the shim kit. I'm wondering if there's much interest having them posted and the hassle of copying everything. We'll see! Jeff
  10. HERE'S A PHOTO OF WHAT I HAVE AND THINK YOU MAY HAVE, photos are old saved photos some photos of what you do have may help
  11. Yes!!! that is exactly the reason. I am the one who started the act of using these bolts, my reasoning being that the thread acts as a place for the bolt to start shearing, just cut them all to length and remember, you have to grind the head down also, I think I posted a photo of that also. to grind them down, I used a drill and a grinder, and I never did agree with those who put nuts on the bolts, AND while you have access to the mating surfaces, sand them so the locktite has a little more to grab onto when you apply it to all the very clean surfaces and bolt when you do your final assembly. did you find any instruction on how to do all this or have they been lost? Jeff
  12. I'm afraid you're on your own, that's not on a regular Joyner, someone added that. My question about hydraulic steering, what happens when the engine dies or the belt breaks? Bad idea in my book.
  13. YES, one is power out, one is sense from the battery so the alternator know how much to charge, ground is chassis ground. photos didn't tell me anything, let's see your power steering
  14. upload your photos to google drive and give us the access code, how do the wires look inside the alternator? still bright or ar they dark as in burnt.
  15. GPS

    which canyon? I Have a delorme PN 60, but delorme got bought by Garmin and I need to upgrade, their replace is around 500, What phone do you have, Try mytrails, it's free or you can go pro for about $5.00, I worry about getting out somewhere and breaking down or getting stuck, so I have a satellite communicator, Inreach, had Spot, recommend either, but Inreach was Delorme and now Garmin and you can download maps of anywhere you plan to go. same with Mytrails, but a bit more of a hassle and you can save your track too as a .GPX file, I have most of my rides all the way back to 2008 saved