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Found 21 results

  1. I have a 2016 R4 and I was about to load it on my trailer and the steering just broke I think. My front wheels are both pointing outwards. Does this mean front differential broke? I jacked it up and got them both pointing in the right direction. When up in the air they work together. But as soon as I put back on the ground and move it a few feet they separate again.
  2. I need help locating a rear cv style driveline for my early 2008 t4 trooper. I have broken 2 ujoints now and almost put a hole in the oil pan! I found one place but they wont return my calls. The mud season started and i got a big paper weight. Any help is greatly appreciated by me and my family.
  3. Hello fellow Joyner dudes, i am looking for any ideas or pics on some doors my Trooper fleet. Any advice would be appreciated.
  4. Tried to remove my skid plate to access the engine oil drain plug. The plug isn't near an access hole but located between two holes. Can't get a wrench in to remove the plug. Short of drilling a new access hole (which I'm seriously considering), has any one been able to remove the skid plate? Seems to be a nut on the other end of the screw and there's no way I can access that nut. They must have bolted the skid plate on before putting the engine into the frame. Thanks in advance.
  5. Hi, I'm getting ready to supercharge my trooper and I'm looking for advice on the setup. So far I have... a AMR500 supercharger, small intercooler, Dolbeck EJK fuel controller and wideband. Looking for any advice on what else I'm going to need and what to expect..Thank you
  6. Is anyone running a piggyback ecu on their trooper!I'm interested in a fuel controller! But one with a little bit more control then the electronic jet Set up they sell. I want timing control and more in depth fuel management!
  7. If any of Joyner owners are out and about, could you please let me know what your engine RPMs vs Vehcile speed is when you're in 5th gear? My Renegade sounds like it's wound up real tight when traveling. For instance, I get about 10 mph per 1,000 RPMs while in 5th gear (45 mph = 4500 RPMs). Is that normal? I'm used to lower RPMs. Other ATVs & UTVs running round my neighborhood that sound like their engine RPMs aren't that high.
  8. I have a 2014 Joyner Renegade R2 1100cc. I've seen many posts about these bolts sheering off. I don't run my R2 very hard. I live in the desert southwest; not much mud around here. I'm just wondering if I've got a potential of having the same problem or do these bolts only sheer off when running hard through deep mud and such. Did Joyner realize this problem and include 12.9 bolts in later versions, like my model year? Seems like this problem appears in the earlier model years.
  9. Dan B


    New to the forum, of course. Just bought a used R2 with an 1100cc engine. Don't know why it took so long for Joyner to do that with the Renegade. Hope to learn a lot about my machine.?
  10. Hi guys I need help. I searched every where and can't find the answer on line or in threads. I have a 2006/2007 joyner mini viper 800cc fuel injected chery 3 cylinder. A gear is chewed up in the transmission and I can't find parts. I live in south Florida and we don't have the dunebuggy following as out west so parts and knowledge are hard to come by. It looks like the chewed up gear is part of the shaft everything else looks fine. Wheee can I locate a replacement? Is it true that the internals are the same as some John Deere's? I've read everything from ford escort transmissions to John Deere to suzuki samurai transmission will fit. I don't need maybe I need to know what will work! Thanks in advance
  11. 2014 Joyner Trooper T2 Side by Side Buggy 4x4 - 1,100cc EFI ATV PRICE JUST REDUCED I have a near brand new (ONLY 56 Miles on it!!) Joyner Trooper T2 Side by Side Buggy with TONS of extra's! I bought this for our hunting land and ended up not using it at all. It is a great machine and I hate to see it sit in the barn (always kept inside) & not get used. I have over $16,800 invested and it is literally in near new condition. This thing has a 5-Speed EFI V4 Automotive Cherry Engine with 4 Wheel independent locking differentials, its a BEAST. Extra Tires, Windshield, Lights, Wheels, Sides, Rear Window, Fenders, Etc. (See Links Below) Listing on Craigslist Listing on ATV Trader YouTube Video of Buggy
  12. Check out this amazing Black Friday Sale! Up to $3,000 off MSRP, this week only-- Brand New 2016 Joyner 1100cc Sand Viper $8,000 (MSRP $11,000), 2016 Joyner 1100cc Renegade R2 only $9,000 (MSRP. $12,000), 2016 Joyner 1100cc Renegade R4 is $10,000 (MSRP $12,500). Don't miss out on this low low price, mention code BFS16 when you come in to get this awesome deal or call us for more info! 480-882-9612 https://www.facebook.com/JoynerUSA/
  13. I have a 2009 Joyner Trooper II with a small problem. The plastic blocks that plug into the relays behind the passengers seat for the Cooling fan ,Fuel pump and ECM were failing so I had to cut each of the 4 wires that terminate in the blocks and install female spade connectors to fix the problem. In doing this I believe I got a few wires crossed and I was hoping someone out there with a 2008 or 2009 Trooper II could take a picture of their three relays defining wich wires (color coded) go where on each of the 3 relays and forward that to my e-mail, [email protected] I would greatly appreciate this
  14. Hey Everyone, I made the costly mistake of letting a friend of mine drive my 1100 Sand Viper a couple months ago, and ended up with a cracked frame. I was already planning on moving up to something bigger, so this was the tipping point. I'm parting out what I have left. I had converted it to VW power (1915cc), so many parts have been modified to accommodate VW parts and may no longer work on your stock setup. If you're interested in switching over to a VW setup, I most likely have the parts you'll need and can answer questions regarding what was done to accomplish the conversion. I'm located in San Diego. Here's a list of what I have: Suspension King 2.0 Coilovers with remote reservoir (set of 4 with all required hardware) $1500. Details as follows: 12" travel Primary spring rate front = 150 lb/in Secondary spring rate front = 150 lb/in Primary spring rate rear = 300 lb/in Secondary spring rate rear = 300 lb/in Droop = 40% Drivetrain VW 002 IRS Bus Transaxle set up for Type 2 CV's $700 Axles (custom to accommodate VW drivetrain in Joyner) $100 VW EMPI Type 2 CV Joints (2) $50 Wheel and Tires 2 x Swamp Lite Tires (Front, 27x9.00R12) $75 2 x Radial Reptile Tires (Rear, 27x11.00R12) $50 2 x Vision Buckshot Wheels (Rear, 15”x7”, 4/115 4 + 3) $50 Miscellaneous - Starter (VW 002 High Torque) $100 - Full set of Gauges $20 - Fuel Tank (Spun aluminum) $50 - Chassis $50 (cracked where passenger side trailing arm connects to frame) - Boxed Rear Trailing Arms $200 (these are much stronger than the stock trailing arm configuration and have been modified to accommodate the VW drivetrain) - Front Hubs, Rotors, Brake calipers, lines, new pads $50 - Rear Hubs and Rotors (VW) $100 (note that the rear Joyner hub mount assembly had to be machined out to accommodate the VW hubs, and the rotors were drilled for the Joyner lug pattern) - VW Disc Brake Kit for rear wheels $150 - (2) 15 x 7 Wheels $80 (Vision Buckshot Model, 4/115 4 + 3) - Shifter $25 (Bugpack T-shifter) - Steering shaft, wheel $30 - Light bar frame $30 - (2) Seats with Harnesses $50 - Aluminum hood panel $40 Let me know if you’re interested or have any questions. Feel free to shoot me a text at 843-597-0233 or e-mail me at [email protected] for more pictures.
  15. Joyner Parts Wholesale.We have just received our bearings 35x65x35 SKF. We have worked vary hard to make this deal.Well it paid off.These bearing are made in GERMANY! Another way we haven provenwe work vary hard to bring the JOYNER community how we are commented to bring you the best parts. Now we can offer trooper owners the best bearing you can get.No Chinese junk.Dual tapered roller bearing.  Silverbulletmotorsports.net.Or call 928 344 2117
  16. Hi Guys - we have a Joyner Python 800i which we use offroad here in Scotland. The standard shock absorbers we can get in the UK are only lasting a few days and we are struggling to find uprated ones which will fit straight on - can anyone advise on good replacements or send me a link please ? Thanks Alan
  17. Hi folks, I'm new to this site and was looking for some assistance and decided to give y'all a try. 2009 Joyner R2 problem: water over heats troubleshooting done: replaced water pump, cools but found out fan wasn't coming on due to blown fuse. replaced fuse but keeps blowing. believe it is a temperature sending unit mounted near the water pump????? if it is where do i get that part? checked jmcmotors and silverbullet but can't find that part.....is it called something else? Thanks folks, Wawa
  18. I have Been an ATV rider for years and just discovered UTV's. Or at least buggies. I bought and restored to new a 2009 Joyner Sand Viper 800cc.
  19. Hello everyone I have a 650 commando that tanked the rear differential, so I happened upon an 1100 rear diff thinking that it would be an easy swap. WRONG!! hahaha so now I have one for sale if anyone is interested. I am asking $650 plus shipping and it's in great condition! Please let me know. I have pictures that I can send up request. Thanks and happy offroading

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