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Another weekend report, more problems


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Well I had alot of fun, but the first day out I had tube in my right rear tire and the valve stem ripped off the tube. Stupid me left the jack and ratchet at camp so walked back and took the golf car back to change the tire. Fixed intime to go to the lake for the firework show. Next the wife and sis inlaw took off in the mornin in the trooper thru the trail to the lake to set up to get us a spot on the beach. After a few hours of us all swiming on having fun so lady came walking out the trails and asks for help ,said they had a truck that was stuck and just needed a "little" tug or pull to get out. Turns out its a 3/4 longbed chevy on a single track fire road, the edges of the road were really soft wet sand and he decided to make a u-turn there and got the thing stuck up to the diff cover. I told him i would not be able to help but he insisted I try ,so on the second tug my tow strap popped off and tore the connector off for the cooling fan which i didnt know. I went back to the beach swam and had a few more beers only to see the same lady come walking back and asked for a ride to her camp to get a jack since they were still stuck. I gave her a ride back and on my way back to the beach the cooling bypass hose from the head to the radiator hose burst as a result of the fan not working. i wasnt watching the gauge since it was a narrow single track on the side of a cliff. Parked the trooper off the side of the trail in a wider spot ,of it was 95 deg out also. Got a ride to my truck ,drove into town and bought some hose. Got a ride back to the trooper fixed it and got to the beach to load up all our stuff.Went for a morning ride and on the shift the roll pin for the shift fork shattered, really shattered into 5 pieced and fell out so i only had second. i had a few machine screws in the storage comparment so I used that and a sliver of the roll pin and tapped that in and was on my way back.

All in all it was alot of fun and got to enjoy a good weekend camping with the family.Now I am going to have to try to use a sidewall patch and fix my tire or try a tube agin ,but dont like that idea since i couldnt find the right size the first time and the valve stem ripped off.

I also noticed that my trailing arm mount brackets were cracking at the weld, I belive this was due to a poor fit. I can see that there was a gap that was just filled with a poor weld bead. i am going to take this thing apart and gusset and brace a few things,also mount a jack and tool box to the roof rack, build rock sliders, and rebuild the rear cage

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      The cables are sort of seized up on the emergency brake, they still work but i have to wiggle and pull on em to get them to release, i pulled the drum off but cant see a way to remove the cable. It is kind of dirty inside the drum where it was leaking so i need to run to the parts store and buy some parts cleaner so i can see everything better.
       The shop manual i have  does not cover parking brake cable removal, well.... it does kind of. it says "Remove parking brake cable at both ends" 🙄
       We'll see
       EDIT: ARRR! Looks like my rear axle seal is leaking, there is a small puddle on a machined step below the seal and it smells like Trans oil. felt around the wheel cylinder and it isn't coming from their.....  I guess my weekend is planned for me LOL
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      If you pay any attention to your UT400, you have probably noticed that the right front wheel tips in at the top a LOT.  The left fronts seem to be about right from what I've seen.  I look at them all when I'm at different stores just to see if they're all that way, and yes, they all seem to be that way.
      There "should" be adjustments on either the ball joints or the inner pivot points, but these are solid, not way to adjust them.
      I have the UT400 up on my 2-post lift and the right spindle seems to be around 3-deg tipped in at the top and the left spindle is about straight or maybe half a degree tipped in.  This is at full suspension drop, not ride height.  I took the shocks off and rotated the spindles from bottom travel to full max up travel, way more than the shocks will allow.  The higher the spindle lift, the more tip in there is on both spindles.  This is true because of the unequal upper and lower A-arms.  It's just the nature of of the dual A-arms and them being unequal in length.
      I took the inner pivot 8mm bolts out and inserted a lot smaller 1/4" bolts and pushed the lower A-arm inward and the angle on the spindle decreased.  I then took the top inner bolts out and did the same thing, but pulled out instead.  This got the spindle equal to angle of camber on the left side.  I used the offset in the holes to see how much I need to go on the lower alone.  I was also concerned about bottoming out the axle assembly because the spindle centerline will not be a bit closer to the front diff.  But as it all turned out, it was not close to bottoming out.
      I cut about 1/4" out of the two 1" A-arm tubes as they were welded to the lower ball joint mount casting.  I tack welded them back together and trial fit it all together.  That seemed to be about right.  I took it all back apart and welded it up solid.  Now it all looks to match the left side quite well.
      Also want to use this in our yard and the stock tires are NOT turf friendly, especially with the solid "spool" rear differential.  I found these on Amazon, 25x12-12" and 25x8-12" hard pack race tires as they're called.  They're 6-ply and tubeless.  The initial probably I had was that the size rating was not even close to the actual size.  They said, install and then recheck the diameters and I did.  They did get larger, but the rears are more than 1" smaller in diameter than the side wall stamping.  Instead of 25", they're 23.75" tall.  What I DON'T WANT are shorter tires.  I had already purchased the used wheels at 12" to match the original factory diameter, but in hindsight I would now opt for 14" wheels with 4x110mm bolt pattern and would have been able to find a tire in the 27" diameter range a lot easier and cheaper.  Live and learn they say.
      Here are some pictures of before and after.

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