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Coleman UTV400 needs better battery.


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I bought a Coleman UTV400 a few months ago to use for plowing. I added an extra light and a heater. Is there a battery that will fit into the same location as the current battery that will hold more of a charge? The light and the heater are pulling an additional 10 to 14 amps. When I use the winch in addition to the light and the heater it keeps killing the battery. I'm okay with having to charge the battery after I finish plowing, I just want to be able to complete plowing my 300 foot long driveway without having to charge the battery to finish it.

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From what I've found, they use a 12V30AH battery.  I've done some hot rod checking at Jegs.com and all of their batteries in this dimensional size, are not greater than 35AH.

My suggestion would be to just mount a second battery below in the larger opening below the current battery.  Hook them up in parallel, not series.  That is + to + and - to -.  This will double your AH rating, that is if you use the same size AH battery as the current one.  Just like diesel trucks running dual batteries, they're still just 12v, but pack tons more grunt in starting and electrical usage.  They will still charge as one battery just as before.

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