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Joyner elect power steering -shocks-gauges

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I have heard some question about elect power steering.We have made custom fabracted brackets for Trooper Renegade Vipers.With these brackets you can install elect. power steering in less than 2-3 hours.The unit bolts near the firwall so you would have to get real deep in water.The unit is sealed but i would not dump it in my pool.Besides that we are using 30" tires with turbo and had no problems.It comes with every thing you need.It comes with led test system that every time you start sidexside.It lets you know if thear is a problem.The system if gets to hot it will go to safe mode you will have regular steering when it cools off it starts working.Never happen to us but it nice to know you wont be stuck in the middle of no whear.Comes with 1 year warranty and life time on brackets.

We have been looking for and afforadable shocks.We have join forces with Steve Chase of AFCO shocks.WE have given them a Trooper and they are going to make a Custom shock with varable rate springs and custom valved 2" shock made for the Trooper.Great ride and good performance.They will be afforable shocks and rebuildable.Steve also makes Makin'Trax Suspension.

If you have any sound import let me know.

Comeing soon a custom guage kit.Guages will be water proof and will be easy to install.Replace the junk guages once and for all.Oil-Gas-Temp-Alt.Also retro fit oil temp guage optional.

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