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Replacement Battery

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Does anyone know of a good replacement battery for a T2? Part #? Make?

Mine went dead (I think one of my kids left the key on) & I took it in to have it checked out at Autozone. As usual they said the battery is bad, but I am skeptical because they charged it in order to test it and it seems to be working normal. But, just in case...I think I might just buy a new one.


Just found this post:


Autozone stocks a direct replacement, 51-DLG. Exact fit, low maintenance, 3 year replacement - $95.00.


Unless anyone has knows of any other options?

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I use Optima marine batteries because they take the jarring better then any other. I get nearly 8 years on the Optima batteries in my truck. I mount it under the seat. Expensive though.


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