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Been Out For A While....Here's Why.....

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Well, I decided the Joyner T4 needed a few mods. This is a work in progress, but will be fantastic when I am finished. I am hoping to have it done no later than August 1st.

I am building a sub-frame for the T4, removing all axles, A-arms, diffs, etc from the Trooper. I will be installing a 4 link, with King Coil Over Shox (39in), Transfer Case, Jeep Dana 60 axles built with 4.88 gears, bump cage for the T-Case, and somewhere between 44" - 54" Boggers.

The rear of the Joyner is also getting a new look due to an engine swap and auto trans. I havent decided yet if I am going to put in the 6cyl out of the jeep I bought or a SB 302. This will be the last thing to be completed.

I have just started building the sub-frame and removed all of the drive-train.

I will have a lot of pics of the build, but may take me a little while to post.


I havent driven the Joyner in a while as we always take the Brute Force's out to ride. Everywhere we go has nothing but lakes and mud pits, and with the length of the T4 I high center way to often. South East Texas is lacking the dunes that you all ride on. LOL!!!

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Sounds Great! But (there is always a but) you will have a rock crawler, not a Trooper anymore. But (there goes another one) this is not a negative. Look forward to seeing what you do as there maybe a middle ground between a stocker & what you are doing that may interest me. Thanks for letting us know about your project and POST PICS.

rocmoc n AZ/Mexico

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Nah, not building it for rock crawling, or I would have went with 14 bolt axles and housing. This will be specifically for the mud and lakes, and creeks. Will be outfitted with a fantastic sound system and a huge cooler for beer and shots!!

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I like the sound of it. It kind of reminds me of a Commando four seater build No Limits did 3 or 4 years ago, but this time with teeth. If I went to a six, I would look a a Lexus or Toyota 2JZ-GE 3L. It’s light, powerfully and has many upgrades in it’s standard form. It’s the same engine the Supra RZ used so easy to add the stock twin turbocharges and in sequential configuration the output goes from 169kW( 227hp) up to 206kW (267hp) at 5600 rpm. That would be nice in mud holes. The tranny is a 5 speed auto with Tiptronic, the best of both worlds and the block looks like it would fit into the Troopers frame. It’s more square than long. If your will to fabricate a new rear, then a longer Jeep engine might be the way to go. Pushing the rear seats up is going to give you more room and the rear passengers better forward viewing, kind of like a RZR-4.

Your going you have many issues to troubleshoot and I know there will be plenty of people here following your progress and adding their thoughts.

I can wait to see this beast.

Cheers Mike.

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