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Trooper wont start

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well i have it narrowed down to my fuel pump and rad fan that are keeping me from enjoying my trooper, when i turn the ignition all the way over to where the fan and pump are suppose to kick in they do not, but sometime will. i ended up running a direct line to the fan and fuel pump and they are working but it still will not fire. i took off the fuel rail system to see if the injectors were giving fuel but they were not. so is it something to do with the computer? i replaced all the relays too just to make sure but still no go. is it because the computer isnt sending a single to the injectors to give fuel? im not a mech but i am getting frustrated cause no one around here knows anything about these things. and everything i know is off of this forum witch has helped me with so many problems that i have fixed. i am hoping to be helped again. is there a way to wire it to make the computer send a signal to the injectors to give fuel? if that is even how it works?

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Check to see if your getting power to the computer. I would use a multi meter to check the wire going into the computer. Can't tell you which computer terminal it is but Kinarfi probably can. I found that with my original computer that I had to ground the computer aluminum case itself or it wouldn't work. I know, go figure. Make sure the ignition switch is forwarding the 12v power to the computer. Some on here have had bad ignition switches. Trace the 12v from the battery to the ignition and on to see it is getting where it needs to be. Good luck.


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