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On 5/27/2021 at 9:47 AM, Travis said:

there are 4 on ebay, but they're seem pricey around $80....

You're thinking of the filter boxes. The air silencer box (what I need) goes between the filter boxes and the carbs. It's the large box mounted right on top of the engine when you lift the bed.
There's 1 on ebay right now, but if you think $80 is pricey, you're gonna hate the $200 he's asking for it.
I use this mule at a 501(c)3 nonprofit museum, so I have a hard time affording that.

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      I've always adjusted small engine idles by ear.....  but i finally decided to buy a tachometer... it came in the mail today so i tried it out on the mule. it's the kind that wraps around the plug wire.
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      Greetings.  Confession, I’m not a mechanic.  I lent my 2013 Kaw to a friend, almost immediately he called to tell me he was stuck in a creek.  I pulled him out with my John Deere, but now the mule will not operate.  Motor starts great, and it was never submerged, but concerned the high water may have caused some damage.  Checked the oils, they seem to be the correct color, no milky color as some have noted.  But when placed into gear, forward or reverse, it crawls, but has lots of trouble and can’t be driven very far until it stops again.  If I let it idle, I can again drive it a short distance before it repeats itself, stops, let idle, crawls again.  Any thoughts suggestions are greatly appreciated.  The water level was probably 12 - 16 deep.  This is standard, stock mule, unfortunately there are  no lifts.
      Thanks group, appreciate any helpful response.  Especially if you have experience with this.  I looked on YouTube to see if there are any helpful videos, none.  Someone with knowledge of this could make some $$ with their own “How to fix” videos.
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      hi, I’m new. I’m from WI, and have been ATVing for a decent number of years, probably go about 5-8x per year. i‘ve been using a stable of ATVs and UTVs my uncle has at his cabin, from Polaris, Yamaha, and Cats. I’m essentially a newbie tho, and know enough to take the family on day long trips through the northwoods, but I probably don’t know what I don’t know... 

      this past weekend, while working on the cabin (typical beginning of the season prep), my wife texts me to say that we should get our own ATV, so we aren’t always dependent on my uncles flock (sometimes one or more might be out of service... we have two kids, so we’d be wanting 2-person capable vehicles. Every shop I called said there’s very little if any new inventory (or it’s a 2-4mo wait). I checked online (marketplace) and looked hard at a couple ATV 2ups, but they sold within hours... my local motor shop up north JUST got this SxS in on consignment, and I’m seriously considering getting it. I have questions on price, reliability, etc. the shop that it’s at is the shop that has maintained the SxS, so ill get a fairly honest opinion of the condition (hopefully). If it’s torched, the shop owner knows I’ll just be in when it breaks and giving him the stink eye, lol... 

      it’s a 2015 Cat Wildcat Sport XT. 4600 miles. 188 hrs (avg speed 25mph). Comes with the following extras: front & rear glass, roof, solid doors, LED bar, mirrors, winch (rope), heated seats, etc.. asking price is $8k. Shop owner seems to think it’s in good shape. It’s certainly seen it’s share of wet/muddy trails, but the trails in the area arent crazy rock crawling trails. Thoughts? I know the pics are really dirty, but it was ridden to the shop 30 mins prior to me stopping by, and it had just rained for 3 days straight. The trails were wet...  

      we did take it for a test ride, it sounded good, no major rattles or engine issues from my untrained ear to detect (nothing glaring). We did get it up to 55mph with no prob, but that seemed the top with two guys weighting 450 total lbs inside,  

      looking for some expert advice, but also looking for a great community to learn about SxS upgrades, mods, and general lifestyle! 

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