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Torque lube on head bolts

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Question for the near future

 I notice a lot of people when rebuilding engines use ARP torque lube on head bolts. It supposedly helps you get a better more accurate torque  to spec. and will prevent bolts from snapping. ( i have new head bolts.)
 What do you y'all think?

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I would use some sort of torque lube (not motor oil).  Resistance to torque in the threaded area can affect the amount of torque that is actually used to hold the parts together.  You want all of that resistance applied to the actual torque of the joint and none being used to overcome the resistance of the threaded area.  It's similar to tightening a new bolt vs an old rusty bolt.  Some of the torque is used to overcome the rusty bolt threads.  Whether ARP is better than anything else would have to be based upon what you think of a product's claim.

You'll find arguments that using a torque lube will increase the preload stresses when tightening the bolts to spec.  I don't see how that can happen unless they've factored in the effects of a dry and clean torqued bolt vs a wet (lubed) torqued bolt into their specs.

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I think I'll use the ARP, my brother did some work on the head on his dodge a few months back and he used it, luckily he bought a whole big bottle of it, I'll have to see if  can get it from him. I think it's about $25< for like 1 quart jar!

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