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1988 Kawasaki mule 1000

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Need new ingnition coil only one cylinder fires no spark from coil is it bad coil or the inginter any help appricated

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    • Spark arrestor install

      Got my spark arrestor installed, the way they did the exhaust for the turn I couldn't make one fit before.  Only had .045 dual shield on hand but I made it work.  Didn't get enough discs so I didn't put the cap on yet.  Turned out pretty good though.  One photo shows how it was, elbow too short to mount anything to.  Also would've put on top of the tire.

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    • no spark

      ok I read  about the guy with no spark, did he fix it? I have a 2012  Coleman outfitter  ut 500. I have no spark. I have replaced the coil, coil wire and spark plug, and still nothing. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Or a wiring diagram.

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    • Cylinder Head Bolts

      Hey, how important is it to buy new head bolts when rebuilding an engine? My brother who has rebuilt several big and small engines says it's important, some say it's an option, If you have the money, do it, If you don't, don't. 01 Kawasaki Mule 550 C5.

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    • BORN TO BURN. The New Generation Of Spark Plugs.

      E3 Spark plugs, the new strongest spark plug. I prefer my 95 cent NGK off of Amazon for my Mule,  Compared to E3 at 6.58. Find the cross reference for your off road vehicle here! http://e3sparkplugs.com/

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    • Brake Master Cylinder

      I have to replace my master cylinder and I'm wondering how something  so simple can fail.   I've bled it forward and reverse and I just can't get it to pressure up, so i have a few questions: 1 When you adjust the brake pedal, is there supposed to be any pressure from the push rod on the plunger or a little free play, looks to me like you should have a little free play. 2 What's the best brake bleed method?   (A)The old tried and true, 2 people required, method of pump the brake pedal until you get pressure, then open the bleed valve and reclose and over and over and over. (B) Put pressure on the master cylinder reservoir and then bleed at each wheel cylinder, making sure you keep fluid in the reservoir. (C) Put a vacuum on the wheel cylinder bleed screw and suck fluid out of the master cylinder. (D) Drain or partially drain the master cylinder and pump fluid in at the wheel cylinder. Are there any other methods that should be included here? I tried B C, and D and still no couldn't build pressure at the pedal.  I disassembled it and reassembled it several time, and still, no pressure, all looks good, it just doesn't work, expect new master cylinder Monday afternoon. Need to check for cracks in the master cylinder, the way mine was mounted, the banjo nut was in contact with the fire wall. On my 2015, I have the clutch and brake master cylinder on the front of the fire wall and there is a cut out for them to mount on and it should probably be a bit longer for clearance of the banjo nut. - I'll add a photo tomorrow - Do you want to see a really bad place to have no brakes, copy this partial GPX and drag and drop onto Google Earth  -  https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0ByQAhs0e-yF9NTdma1FNM3p2OUE?usp=sharing  

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