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Head swap 500/700?

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Would I be able to get a 700 head and piston to replace my 500? Or is it not that simple . Probably need a cam too? Anyone have info or ideas. Also remember reading somewhere about wiseco 11:1 pistons being compatible 

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 Stupid question but just wandering, why do you want to swap the head and piston?
 you can only get a new  (OEM) piston with a piston kit for the 500 and 700.  http://sportsmancountry.com/Massimo_Parts/CRANKSHAFT_PISTON_MSU500/     http://sportsmancountry.com/Massimo_Parts/CRANKSHAFT_PISTON_MSU_700/

the piston kits are the exact same part numbers, so i assume  they are interchangeable.

 here is the OEM cam http://sportsmancountry.com/Massimo_Parts/CAMSHAFT_CHAIN_MASSIMO/


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I don't see how you can swap the heads to get more power.  The part numbers are not the same.  Crankshaft part numbers are not the same, either.



13101-004-0000-KIT Piston Kit, HS UTV 400/500

13101-007-0000-KIT Piston Kit, HS UTV 700

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