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Brake Bleeding Nightmare, any advice??

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So I just spent 10 hours working on the brakes for my new mystery buggy, and still can’t get pressure. Never in my life have I had such a difficult time trying to bleed a brake system and i’m  a fairly competent mechanic. I’ve come to the conclusion that I need to try new master cylinders becuase these simply are not working... anyone have any tips for bleeding these wretches?

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Do be offended if I state something you already know.  I'm just covering all bases.  This is how I bleed my brakes on my van and car.  My Renegade has three master cylinders (one for the clutch and two for the brakes - I believe that's how they're configured).

If you're doing it solo,

1.  Place a small glass jar at the wheel furthest from the master cylinders (usually the right rear). and fill the jar with about 1" brake fluid

2.  Connect a hose from the bleeder valve to the jar.  Make sure the end of the hose is submerged and fits snugly over the bleeder valve.  This will be your airlock.

3.  Fill the master cylinders with brake fluid.

4. Open the bleeder valve at the wheel furthest from the master cylinder (usually the right rear)

5.  Pump the brake pedal slowly about 3 times.  Important:  Make sure the hoses stay submerged in brake fluid at each wheel and you don't let the fluid level in the master cylinder drop to the point of pumping air into the brake lines.  You may find you can pump it more times before you have to refill the master cylinders.

6.  Refill the master cylinders and/or the jar as needed.

7.  Repeat steps 5 & 6 until you feel you've bled all the air out of that line.  If you have a helper, they can watch for air bubbles in the jar to cease.

8.  Close the bleeder valve at that wheel.

7.  Move to the next wheel (left rear) and repeat steps 3-7.  Then repeat for the right front, then the left front.

There are several websites that tell you how to bleed brakes.  I would suggest you take a look at them for pointers.  They can be of help.  You may have to bleed the master cylinders before you do the wheels.

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So if you have not tried a vacuum pump do so before replacing your master cylinders ,  I have found over the last few years with the new brake systems this simple machine is a lifesend. The one I have is made by mightyvac and was about 50$ at my local auto parts store, as long as your master cylinder is full it will pull out all the air in a few minutes.


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