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Neighbors mechanical problem.

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Old guy that lives down the road is having a problem with his box side by side. It'll start and run for about five to ten minutes then bogs down and dies. It will not start up till it cools down and then it will start fine and do it again. Gauge shows not overheating and the oil and antifreeze is topped off. Any suggestions on what it can be? Just trying to help him out.

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Sound like a fuel starvation issue.  The next time is dies, immediately open the fuel tank cap and see it the engine restarts.  If it does, you might have a plugged or kinked fuel tank vent line.  That vent line allows filtered air into the tank to replace the fuel that was burned. If that doesn't do it, then someone smarter than I will have to help.  A friend had that problem with his small outboard motor.

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