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Bruce Wayne

2001 Kawasaki Mule

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Mule will not start. Turns over like crazy. Replaced plugs,oil is good.Does have one year old fuel filter. Has one year old filters pretty much throughout. Thinking maybe fuel issue. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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Have you tested the ignition coils?

Is it a 3010? Or 550?

Usually i f a filter is clogged it will idle rough before it shuts off fuel flow.


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Could just need a good carb cleaning. , take off the fuel lines and blow them out with compressed air  to make sure they're clear.

to test coils, get a inline spark tester, hook the clamp to the plug or other good ground on your mule, and crank the engine, if you dont see the light (or  spark, depending on what tester you get) you have a bad coil.


here is the link to the troubleshooting guide for your engine : https://www.kawasaki-engines.eu/umbraco/Surface/downloadFile/Download


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OK Travis first thanks for responding. Purchased tester and coils appear to be good. Removed line from pump to carb and looks like no fuel getting to carb. I guess it looks like fuel pump.

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OK so far,charged battery. Also changed plugs,am getting fuel through filter, not receiving fuel to carb. By passed fuel relay switch and nothing. Still cranking good. Any body have clues? Fuel pump?

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if you're getting fuel through to the filter, that means your pump is sucking, take off, or disconnect the fuel lines and  i would spray carb spray or brake cleaner   or compressed air, through the fuel pump to break up any possible blockages.



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