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Steve Waldner

Kioti mechron power steering

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I have a Kioti  Mechron utv and want to add power steering. Can anyone till me if there is an electric assist motor from a car that would work putting between the steering wheel and steering box. One that doesn't need alot of electronics 

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Just a guess, but I'd suspect that you'd be better off using a utv power rack n pinion. Maybe off an older Kubota 9000. Either way you're gonna have to do some fabrication. If Kioti has a power steering model, you might get lucky. 

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WCF has a Electric power steering unit and information   661 822 8111

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On 3/22/2019 at 9:03 PM, Steve Waldner said:

This,  I'm guessing, uses hydraulics which i don't have. 

They have electric powered hydraulic pumps. Kinda like how a power steering makes hydraulic power, using a pulley off the engine. These would use an electric motor to accomplish the same thing. But you still need a hydraulic rack and pinion. I'd look for a vehicle that has the same width, as measured hub to hub. There's plenty of vehicles that have power steering. But mounting it will still require lots of modification, as well as a significant cost. Most of the cost would be in acquiring the rack, since a utv salvage yard will be difficult to impossible to find. The research of finding a suitable sized rack will be a daunting task. But you might get lucky, since being real close would probably work just fine. But the fabrication will need to be perfect, if its gonna drive & ride right. Give WCF a call, maybe he's got a simple solution.

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Our power steering unit goes between the steering wheel and the steering rack  call us at 661 822 8111

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